Jan 31, 2011

Deferred Pay Pilot Opportunity

Fun World
A Futuristic Black Comedy

Atlanta based filmmaker and documentarian, Barry Mills (The Popeye Show, The
Bob Clampett Show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Rudy and GoGo World
Famous Cartoon Show) has once again teamed up with long time friend and
acclaimed novelist Jack Pendarvis (Awesome, Your Body is Changing, The
Mysterious Secret of the Valuable Treasure) to bring you Fun World - a dark
glimpse into the near future. Following a corporate merger between the U.S.
government and a multimedia conglomerate, the government and the media have
become marvelously confused.

I am currently Casting Directing a spec Pilot for Director Barry Mills. I've
worked for Barry on several commercials at Turner Broadcast.

The pay is deferred, pending sale of the pilot.

Thank you for your assistance.

Auditions will be held Feb 9, 10, 11 with possible callbacks on Feb 15.

Fun World Cast List

Delivery Guys 1 & 2 – Delivery #1 is the only one that speaks. A couple of his lines were cut when the scripts were merged that indicated a bit of a smart mouth. Sort of big in stature. Reference: John Goodman

Frank Whalen – Mostly easy going early to mid thirties; gets run over by alpha-wife. Reference: Doug Savant in Desperate Housewives.

Timmy Whalen – young child; maybe 4ish.

Helen Whalen – Abrasive, emasculating, wife of Frank. Early to mid thirties. Reference: Amy Poehler

Dog - animated (voice) – do not need to cast for this part.
Robot – animated (voice) – do not need to past for this part.

Steve (Observation Employee) – Company man, middle management, nonchalant and somewhat apathetic about his job/duties. Mid to late thirties.

Jimmy – Young; green; “I’m gonna change the World”; early twenties; looks like a kid. This is his first job out of college.

Cheryl/PC-409/Betty – Early twenties; petite; pretty; in shape. Reference: Sailor Moon

(Unnamed female) Observation Supervisor – somewhat shy and would probably be more comfortable if she didn’t have to talk to anyone. Cannot completely relate to the young employees she oversees. (There is someone I want to read for this part)

Milo & Otis – at first glance appear to be average Joes. While they appear somewhat slack they are actually hard-core company men that have a good deal of insight into the workings of the company and do their jobs in a casual “no questions asked” manner. One appears to be smarter than the other but both of their brains have been affected by the nature of their jobs. Down the line they could possibly be clones of clones or robots, etc. Cheech and Chong if they were hit men. Maybe Crockett and Tubbs… Reference: Casey Affleck from Assassination of Jesse James and James Franco from Freaks and Geeks.

Screaming Candidate (video file) – This woman appears in a video shown to Jimmy by Milo or Otis. Mid to CU shot woman in a (hospital) bed hooked up to electrodes suddenly emits a scream of intense pain – tense, eyes rolling back.

Foreman (Wave Hoppers) – do not need to cast this part

Jenny – About 4 or 5 years old. (I’d like to see if my daughter can do this part)

Jenny’s Mom – Frightened mom, early to mid thirties.

Mark – Young; green; slacker; gamer; trust fund kid

Jesse (VO – unless picture phone is used) – do not need to cast this part

Paul (Cheryl’s ex-boyfriend) – Reference: Early twenties Paul Rudd or Seth Rogan

The President – A popular Latin singer. Reference: Ricky Martin, Prince

Rooster Owners 1 & 2 – do not need to cast for these parts
Secret Service (3 or 4) – do not need to cast for these parts

Hippo – animated (voice) – do not need to cast for this part.

Doctor or medic – do not need to cast for this part

The “Man” – Crazy, creepy old man. Reference: Andy Griffith (I do have someone in mind for this part)

I see Jimmy, Cheryl and Paul as being about the same age. Mark is pretty young, also.

I’d also like to mix it up some and not have an all white cast. I know the references are mostly white.

If you are interested email Chris Burns at chris@burnsactor.com


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