Dec 21, 2011


Happy Holiday's to all of our J Pervis Talent Agency Family! We have been thrilled to work with all of you throughout 2011 and feel blessed every day to call YOU our family! We wish for everyone to have a safe, fun-filled holiday break!

We will close Thursday 12/22 at noon and will reopen on Tuesday January 3rd, 2012.

From all of us at J Pervis Talent Agency

Jayme, Joy, Julie & Justine

Dec 7, 2011

TOYS FOR TOTS EVENT- Hosted by JPTA's Own Adrian Turner

Please direct any of the parties who are interested in attending to e-mail Carlos Scott your First & Last Names as well as any guests you will be bringing. This is so that you can be added to the hard list that will be at the door with Security & our staff. Please bring an age appropriate unwrapped new toy that would be perfect for a boy or girl from 10 - 16 years old. Thanks in advance for your support.
The deadline for name submissions is by close of business Friday, Dec 16th.  Because this is an invite only event, should any patrons names not appear on our Guest List that will be provided to security, unfortunately they will not be provided entry into the event.

Dec 2, 2011

Feature Film Open Call

Film: Georgia Justice - Based on the best-selling books, The Bridge and Georgia Justice by Jackie Carpenter. To learn more of the project:

Auditions Location: AMTC Atlanta, 2000 Powers Ferry Road SE, Suite 1-1A/1-4, Marietta, GA 30067

Dates / Times: Wednesday, December 14 - 5:00pm - 10:00pm (all male performers)
Thursday, December 15 - 5:00pm - 10:00pm (all female performers)

What to Bring: Headshot /resume or current photo with contact information and personal statistics attached.

Shoot Schedule: The film is scheduled to shoot on location, in Georgia, in early 2012.

Additional Info:
Do not attempt to send headshots, resumes, or audition material. Bring them to the audition.

Legitimate questions only to:


JACKIE CARPENTER (Female - '50's - Caucasian) A true Steel Magnolia, Jackie is an attractive woman in her fifties. She's flashy and outspoken and unprepared for the test of faith she must meet. But she's a fighter and a survivor.

LARRY CARPENTER (Male - '50's - Caucasian) Married to Jackie 16 years, Larry is steadfast and sturdy, but would rather avoid the spotlight. He silently supports, but would rather be sitting in front of the fire with his dog.

DEBBIE (Female - 30's - 50's - Caucasian) Jackie's cousin; mid thirties to mid fifties. Dedicated and earthy, she provides the humor that buoys Jackie.

CYNTHIA (Female - '30's to '50's - Jamaican) Jackie's friend; black, Jamaican accent. A woman of great common sense and ferocious faith.

JASON VEITCH (Male - late '20's - Caucasian) Jackie's 28 year old son; homebuilder in a small town in Georgia. Headed into the ministry and dedicated to his family.

STEPHANIE (Female - '20's - Caucasian) Jason's 25 year old wife, she's overwhelmed by the events but shows true character and strength as they unfold.

JJ (Male - 7 - Caucasian) Jason and Stephanie's 7-year-old son

ERNESTO MORALES (Male - 20's - 30's Hispanic) Drywall worker on Jason's property. Illegal alien from Mexico, he speaks Spanish and English with a heavy accent.

MRS. REYMUNDO (Female - '50's - Hispanic) Heartbroken mother of deceased Juan Carlos.

DEAUNDRIA KEANA KELLY (Female - '20's or '30's - African-American) Television reporter.

DEPUTY CLAYTON BOOK (Male - '20's or '30's - any race) A corrupt, small-town police officer.

BILLY FLOURNEY (Male - '50's or '60's - Caucasian) Stephanie's father; a simple and uneducated man who can only stand firm and "always tell the truth."

JIM VEITCH (Male - late '20's or early '30's - Caucasian) Jackie's older son, a family man and minister.

ELLIS BURDETTE (Male - 30's or 40's - any ethnicity) Jason's real-estate attorney and a long-time family friend to the Veitch's and Carpenters.

MITCHELL KANE (Male - 30's and up - any ethnicity) Attorney for Jason, he's something of a colorful character; a great attorney, showman and magician.

MELVIN PITT (Male - 30's and up - any ethnicity) Assistant DA and bucking for the job of DA at any cost. He's the prosecuting attorney and capable of almost anything to achieve the desired results.

JUDGE S. CARROLL (Male or female - 40's and up - any ethnicity) Judge for Jason's trial.

DR. JON TOD COFFELT (Male or female - 30's and up - any ethnicity) Forensic expert.

Follow our progress at: : GA_JusticeMovie