Nov 28, 2011


2011 has been an amazing year and we are gearing up for another amazing in 2012! To get the year started off right we have recently launched a new website! Be sure to check it out at

NOTE: ALL Demo reels have changed on the new website. We now need YouTube videos links for reels. We are still using mp3’s for the voice over demo’s. Email these updates to

For those with profiles on the website: Headshots, resumes, & demos can be updated throughout the year, please email updated resumes to when updates are needed. It is the responsibility of the talent to make sure that we are notified when updates are needed.


To renew your individual page on the J Pervis Talent website a renewal fee of $55 must be received in our office no later than December 15th. This fee covers unlimited headshot, resume, and demo updates for 2011. Send all updates for the resumes to To update the headshots send a CD to the office in jpg format OR email the files in a small size to There will be a 15 day grace period for all payments not received by December 15th. The late fee after December 15th is $20 (total $75), due by December 30th, 2011. If we do not receive payment for renewal you will be automatically deleted from the website. Therefore if payment is received after 12/30/2011 you will be considered new talent on the website. To reactivate your status the fee will be $85.00 with a renewal due every January.

If you are NOT on the website and would like to be added:

Send an updated resume with a CD of your jpg headshots to J Pervis Talent Agency along with your initial set-up fee of $85.00. Note: There will be an annual renewal fee due each January. Allow approximately 30 days for headshots and resumes to be uploaded on the website. The website contains a brief history of the agency, a press and photo section, and most importantly, photos of our talent pool. We market directly to producers, advertising agencies, and photographers. To view the website, go to

Please be sure your casting sites are active and up-to-date so that you get the best representation possible.

1. You can do the FREE version. Once your page is set up please send us the link. To find the link go to “My Tools”, then “Custom Link”. This site is used so that we are always sending updated headshots and resumes when submitting on our breakdown services.
2. To register go to Use agency code GA-245. This site costs $29.95 for 12 MONTHS. Fees are paid directly to 800casting. This is how the majority of our castings are cast.
3. This is a casting service that Tyler Perry Studios requires for all castings. Once you sign up please will LINK to J Pervis Talent.
4. Agency Code is 76c72bb (then click CHECK CODE), proceed through set up from there. Trouble shooting:

Nov 16, 2011

Indie Film Opportunity

Indie Film Seeking Actors

CROWNS AND DREAMS follows a young aspiring model (Asha) as she gets
sucked into the gritty reality of the modeling world.

Desperate to make it big in the fashion industry, Asha must make a
choice, is her self- conviction worth more than a risqué photo

Along the way to self -discovery, Asha meets a little girl with a
wagon of crowns who helps her find her way.

Characters Needed:
Asha - looks 19-22, (Afr. American).
Monica - looks 35-45, (Afr. American/ White preferred Open to
other ethnic groups).
Randy- looks Late 30's to Early 50's, (Preferably White, open to all ethnicities)
Nikki- looks - 22- 27, (Preferably Afr. American, open to other
Male Assistant- looks 22- 27 years old, (Ethnicity open)
Little Girl- looks 5- 8 years old, (Afr. American).
Ring Leader- 7-10 years old, (Afr. American).
Snot- nosed Boys (2 -4)- Looks 7-10 years old (Afr. American,
open to other ethnicities)
Make-up Artist- looks 24- 30.
Wardrobe Artist- looks 24- 30.
Models- looks 19-27.
Street Harassers (4-5) Ages- 24- 40. (Open ethnicity)
Harasser One – Age 24-40 (Afr. American/open ethnicity)





 Jan.13-15, Jan. 20-22, Jan 27-29, Jan 03-
Pick –up dates have not been scheduled yet.

These are tentative dates and they may change

Nov 8, 2011

Independent Film Submission

We received the following submission request from a local crew. They are looking for talent submit directly to them. Please feel free to submit to them.

Taking submissions for Independent Dance Film(20-30min) set to film in April. Please send resumes/reels/head-shots to Subject line please put character your submitting for. Please note some of the characters have been casted(listed in character description) and some potentially casted(feel free to submit for potentially casted) Auditions will be held early January.

Brief Outline of Film
"Tyler, an innocent and naive boy, believes in the goodness of human nature. Through dance and good deeds, he attempts to make the world a better place. His resilience is challenged when he makes an unlikely friend in Hillary"


Tyler Lucado-Lead Character(Hispanic Male Teenager Trained In Dancing-Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Possibly Ballet, and Breakdancing)-Grew up in a low-income family with an alcoholic mother and an absent father. He is a talented dancer, though not formally trained. He attends public school. He has a creative mind, a vivid imagination, as well as the desire to do good despite his circumstances.

Hillary-Lead Character(Female Caucasian Teenager)-A realist and wise in the ways of the world. Raised by her grandparents in a privileged household. She attends a private arts school where she studies dance. She's a talented dancer, but somewhat insecure in her appearance. She wants to be popular and is rather self-centered at the beginning of the film. Her friendship with Tyler allows her to gain perspective throughout the film, and ultimately makes her a better person.(CASTED)

Maria Lucado(Female Hispanic 35+)-Mother of Drew and Tyler Lucado. Former professional dancer who turned to alcoholism after the death of her husband. Her condition becomes worse after her eldest son Drew died while serving in the military. By the beginning of the film, her alcoholism has led to her neglecting her young son Tyler.

Drew Lucado(Hispanic Male, age 18+ Trained In Dancing-Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Possibly Ballet, and Breakdancing) He grew up in low income family with an alcoholic mother and an absent father. He shares a passion for dancing. He joined the military and was scheduled for deployment, where he was killed before the film begins. His character exists only in flashbacks. The older brother of the main character(Tyler)

Young Tyler(Hispanic Male Age 5-7)-Insecure on his first day at school. But is reassured by his brother Drew. His character exists only in flashbacks.

Female Dancer(Female Teenager Any Race Trained In Dancing-Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Possibly Ballet, and Breakdancing)-Dancer who performs the duet with Drew, in Tyler's flashback of the school performance.

Charles(Caucasian Middle Class Male 50+)-Grandfather to Hillary. He is a good role model, and speaks the truth about any situation.

Debi(Caucasian Middle Class Female 50+)-Hillary's grandmother, dotes on Hillary as her own daughter. Encourages her to pursue dancing.

Christina(African American Late Teens Early 20's Trained In Dancing-Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Possibly Ballet, and Breakdancing)-Female drummer and dancer. Skilled drummer who plays at the bus stop to earn money. Sister of Julius.(POTENTIALLY CASTED)

Julius(African American Male Late Teens Early 20's Trained In Dancing-Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Possibly Ballet, and Breakdancing)-Street performer skilled at tutting he is deaf and dances to the vibrations of the music. Brother of Christina.He speaks American sign language.

Kyle(Male Teenager Any Race Trained In Dancing-Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Possibly Ballet, and Breakdancing)-Tyler's friend at school. He's overweight, but a very good dancer.

Homeless Man(Male Any Race 30+)-Ex-military vet who was deafened and crippled in battle. He is wheelchair bound, but he has full function of his arms and torso. Sometimes he holds a sign with profound statements.

Counselor(Caucasian Male 30+)-Public School Counselor. Though he and Tyler are not close, he is concerned about Tyler's welfare at home.(POTENIALLY CASTED)

Teacher(Any Race Male or Female 30+)-Teacher at Tyler's school.

Dance Instructor(Female Any Race 30+)-Dance instructor at Hillary's school.
(Dancing experience would be nice but not required)

Jessica(Female Caucasian Teenager Preppy Look)-Friend of Hillary, attends private school with her. Makes fun of Tyler and is generally jealous of Hillary and her talent.(Dancing experience would be nice but not required)

Carson(High School Caucasian GQ Male Type)-Boyfriend to Jessica, Hillary's friend. He bullies Tyler.

Tiffany(Female Teenager Any Race Preppy Look)-Friend of Hillary, spreads rumors about Tyler.
(Dancing experience would be nice but not required)

Derek(Male Teenager Any Race)-Bully at Tyler's school.
(Dancing experience would be nice but not required)

Devon(African American Teenager)-Bully at Tyler's school.
(Dancing experience would be nice but not required)

Series Audition

Below are details on an audition for a new series. If you fit the roles please email the casting director, Megan directly. When you submit make sure you put that J Pervis Talent Agency is your agent so you take preference.

CONTACT: KADE Production
Megan Fleming, Casting Director


KADE Productions in conjunction with VENUES Network will be holding an open
casting call for the new series “Out Life” Season 1. The casting call will be held at 711 C
Trabert Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30318 on Saturday, November 19th, 2011 from 9am-4pm.
Roles to be cast include select main cast and supporting roles throughout the season. A
character breakdown is enclosed. Actors are required to bring two headshots/resumes to
the audition and must contact for an audition slot.

“Out Life” Season 1 stars new comers Cayce Guest and Jason Mac; and featuring
RuPaul’s drag race star Stacy Layne Matthews. “Out Life “is produced and directed by
Amber L. Devos, Executive Producer for KADE Productions.

Sides available upon request; inquiries can be made to

Main Lin Kim (20-29 ASIAN FEMALE)- Korean nail tech with a big bitchy personality

Nate McCutcheon (24-32 AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE) – Jay's gay ex boyfriend,
masculine UPS delivery driver.

Jessica (25-35 WHITE FEMALE) – lesbian, tattoo artist, drugs addict, Sarah’s love

Roy (25-35 WHITE MALE) - Mai Lin's love interest, plumber, charming southern

William (25-30 WHITE MALE) – Closeted Groom of Claire, Shawn’s companion

Miss Debbie (30-40 AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE)– New salon owner, a stickler
for rules

Claire (25-30 WHITE FEMALE)- Bridezilla, engaged to William, Shawn’s regular client

Rayshawn (25-30 AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE)- Homophobic thug type, Nate’s co-

LaQuan (25-30 AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE) - Nate's new friend, best friend to

Greg Wright (50-65 WHITE MALE)- Jay's homophobic father, dying of cancer does not
know his son is gay

Bertha Westbrooke (45- 55 AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE)- Shawn's very Baptist
mother who doesn't condone the gay lifestyle.

Suzanne Thomas (38-48 WHITE FEMALE)- Eric's young mother, had Eric at age 16,
history of abusive relationships

Mayte Ramiez (6-10 HISPANIC FEMALE)- Lydia's 8 yr old daughter

Son Chi Kim (35-50 ASIAN WOMAN)- Mai Lin’s mother, patriotic & concerned with
Korean Culture.

George Samuelson (50-60 WHITE MALE)- Becca's rich country club father.

Angie Samuelson (35-50 WHITE FEMALE) - Becca's young stepford step-mother.

Nov 2, 2011

The Green Room Workshop


This workshop will give actors perspective on how a clearer understanding of SELF gives actors a clearer understanding of their CHARACTERS. Our personalities, experiences, and patterns have everything to do with our character choices as we develop each ROLE we portray. Often ACTORS relate our personal victories, failures, accomplishments and tragedies to the journeys of our characters. But how can ACTORS successfully channel those emotions when developing a character, when INDIVIDUALS work so hard to mask, hide, and cover our emotions in our daily lives? When you have a clear understanding of gives you a clear understanding of the role that you're portraying.
Price: $85.00
Dates: November 17
Time: 7pm
Register Now
(limit 30 students per class)

Twitter -@realgreenroom
Facebook - The Green Room Actors Lounge
Phone - 404-351-4736
Address- 25-D Bennett St, Atlanta GA, 30309