Feb 28, 2010

J Pervis Talent BREAKING NEWS!!

BREAKING NEWS: J Pervis Talent is teaming up with Click Models to become a powerful force for the model and talent management industry. We are located at STUDIOPLEX at 659 Auburn Ave, #123, Atlanta, GA 30312. Call us at 404.688.9700. Also WELCOME to Julie Martin who will be joining up with Jayme & Joy to make the dynamic J Pervis Talent & Click Model Team!

Film Acting Class

Film Acting Foundation
With Tom Thon - Mondays 7-10pm
10 students max - (ongoing)

Working Actor Tom Thon teaches this on camera for film and television class. The curriculum consists of:

1 )Script Analysis
2)Unlocking Your Emotional Toolbox
3)Cold Reading/Film Auditioning
4)Improvisation for Film
5) On Camera performance Technique

Tom's theater credits include Some Men at Actors Express, All the Kings Men at Theater in the Square, The Perfect Prayer at Horizon Theatre, Tuesdays with Morrie at Art Station and Elliot: A Soldiers Fugue at The Alliance Theater in Atlanta. In New York he has directed To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday and The great Nebula in Orion and appeared in Equus, Give 'em Hell Harry and the Oedipus Cycle. Tom's other Credits include the Hal Hartley films Trust and The Unbelievable Truth and commercials for Solomon Bothers Fine Jewelry, Georgia Lottery and the Beauty and the Beast national tour. Tom just closed a show at the Alliance Theater and he portrayed Scrooge on television and radio promotions for the Alliance theater this past Christmas.$125.00/mo.

12-Week Film Acting Intensive with Tom Thon
Sundays 1-4pm 10 students max

Open the doors of your imagination. Develop your approach to making strong choices, developing characters, and relationships while freeing your imagination for auditions and performances. Optimize your instrument for film and TV.

Scenes will be analyzed, rehearsed, shot and edited during the intensive. Each student will receive a personalized DVD and Certificate of Completion at the end of this course.
Investment: $400

If you would like to register for any of our classes,

please call us at 404-355-4588 or email us at CreativeStudiosOfAtlanta@yahoo.com. We look forward to working with you soon.

Feb 23, 2010


Time for a new Voice-over Reel
Digital Voice-over Production
$25.00 dollar discount for J Pervis Talent

Mike Ray Studios will help you select scripts that cater to your strong points. You are welcome to bring scripts of your own as well. You'll receive expert direction and guidance during your session. We'll help bring the best YOU out of your reads, in a fun and comfortable environment. We digitally edit all of your takes choosing only the best for your reel. We mix down your takes with appropriate sound effects and background music. Upon your approval you're provided with a CD copy and MP3 file of the finished demo. Custom CD design and duplication are available if needed.

Call Mike Ray for an appointment (678) 360-8845

Scripts provided if necessary
· Demo Reel Production
· Demo compilations from previous recordings
· Assistance in choosing scripts that are best suited for you
· Professional guidance and direction during your recording session
· Quality digital editing of your reads
· Help in selecting your best reads
· Post-Production that includes music and sound effects that accent your voice
· CD designs and duplication if needed.

Acting Class Opportunity

Don't Act...It ruins the scene!
Get Ready for the Most Informative,Fun and Insightful look into Acting with Tom Clark Tom's Class will take you from the very first time you get that urge to get into the business or the first time your parents think you're that cute enough to be in the business to actually getting in front of the camera and getting paid for doing what you love, Acting! He draws his experience from not only himself, but from the many great relationships with other Actors, Directors, Producers, Agents and
Clients. As someone who backed into his career, yes he never saw it coming, Tom takes a unique approach to help you being Professional, Prepared and Practical.

The 6 Week Class gives an Extensive Look into:
How you get Started in the business
How to avoid the scams and find a reputable Agent
Resumes, Headshots and Demos...Oh My
The Audition Process from Soup to Nuts
Etiquette: On the Set and during Castings
I just Booked a Job, now what?
The Actor/Agent Relationship
Acting for Beginners

Tom will be holding at classes at The Etiquette School in Cumming Call 678-208-2880 to Reserve you spot as Classes begin in the Spring and are limited Tom Clark is a Working Actor with over 25+ Years Experience as a Commercial Actor, TV Host and Radio Personality. He is the only Atlanta Actor to have worked in an Oscar Winning Film, Won an Emmy, Telly, Addy and an Achievement in Radio(A.I.R.) Award. You may view Toms work at www.tomclark.biz

Feb 17, 2010

Chez Group Workshop

Chez Studio, founded by Shay Griffin, continues to offer professional training to actors, new and veteran. All of our instructors have extraordinary backgrounds and are committed to preparing the upcoming talent pool. Writers, producers, directors, actors, casting directors and industry leaders have followed Shay Griffin’s leadership to continue building a working force of actors in Georgia and the Southeast.

***Adult Workshop with Los Angeles Casting Director Jason Wood - we will have two dates for this workshop, you can choose Saturday March 13th or Sunday March 14th.
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

***Children's Workshop with Matt Fletcher from Los Angeles - Saturday March 13th:
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
For children ages 7 to 12 years old.

***Teen Workshop with Matt Fletcher from Los Angeles - Sunday March 14th:
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
This workshop is for teens ages 13 to 17 years old
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

All of these classes will be very limited, please call our office or send an email to reserve your seat today!

The Chez Group
2221 Peachtree Rd NE
Suite D, Box 335
Atlanta, GA 30309

Feb 8, 2010

America's Got Talent Open Call

What can you do in 90 seconds? Can you turn your eyelids inside out using no hands?
Or maybe jumping through rings of fire and landing on a tiger is more your speed.
Are you a stay-at-home mom, doctor, or student by day and a hobbyist by night?
Whether it involves dancing, playing multiple instruments simultaneously, juggling
dangerous objects, crazy pet tricks or just holding a record for doing something extremely rare, "America’s Got Talent" wants to see you!

NBC’s hit series, “America’s Got Talent”, has begun its nationwide search for the hottest and most unique performers to compete in season five of the number one talent competition series. Open to any talent of any age, “America’s Got Talent” offers a unique chance for anyone to perform on a nationwide variety show. Contestants are encouraged to pre-register at http://www.AGTauditions.com. By pre-registering, contestants will be kept up-to-date with the most current information.

Open call auditions will be held in Atlanta, February 20-21, 2010 at:
America’s Mart 2 West
235 Williams Street, N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30303

Feb 4, 2010

Workshop with Jackie Burch

Creative Studios of Atlanta Film Academy is proud to welcome to the studio
Casting Director Jackie Burch. Jackie recently cast 2 films in Georgia: the
Miley Cyrus film "The Last Song" and "The Conspirator" directed by Robert
Redford with more films coming.

Her Casting credits span over 30 years and include such films as: Die Hard,
Coming to America, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Mask, Predator, I Still
Know What You Did Last Summer, The Santa Claus 2 and many others.

Jackie ONLY does one workshop a year and we are thrilled that she has selected
Creative Studios of Atlanta to work with Actors on their film audition
technique. This one of a kind all day intensive will help you learn more about
what it takes to make the most of your film auditions.

HEADSHOTS IN ADVANCE. Jackie has requested all actors to submit their headshots
in advance so that she can pull auditions scenes for each individual performer.

Class meets from 10am to 5pm Saturday March 13 OR Sunday March 14.

SEATING IS LIMITED. To register call or email Creative Studios of Atlanta
404-355-3588. or email creativestudiosofatlanta@yahoo.com

Investment: $175.

Valentine's Day Special: $25 Discount Because we LOVE actors so much.

Register and make payment on or before Valentine's Day and invest only $150 for
this all day limited seating event with Casting Director Jackie Burch.

See Jackie's IMDB credits here: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102997627119&s=2&e=0019hHtrzFBVV6luYeO0WIQCT04kmaGyKzDe3_faCVz3dvoFpqfJpkEBnxrwzV-91Zgvr4mWCuIGE4EePAVfE-vzNHeWNx9sO2djj0oq2sGctDP8AdXMSgvwokkcFIVU2XK

We look forward to working with you.


Ken Feinberg
Creative Studios of Atlanta

Feb 3, 2010

Atlanta Commercial Casting Director Workshop

Atlanta Commercial Casting Director to Conduct Workshop
Feb 20th
8-12 year olds: 10:30am-1:30pm
13-adult: 2:30pm-5:30pm

to Register or Call

Kelly Tippens was first introduced to the film industry in 1998 when she was asked to stand in for Sandra Bullock in Forces of Nature. After spending 3 months on set with an amazing crew, unlimited food, and exotic locations, she thought, “This is paradise! I want to do this forever.” However, she soon learned that most sets are a far cry from paradise...but it was too late, her love affair with the film industry had begun.

Kelly is now one of Atlanta's busiest commercial casting directors. Her recent credits include: Delta, Kia, Volkswagen, GA Lottery, Haverty’s, Nickelodeon, Coca Cola, Verizon, Cheerwine, Speedway, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Emory Healthcare, Kool Smiles, 7-Eleven...

What The Workshop Will Cover:
• Prepping for the Audition
• Making a Great First Impression
• What to Expect in the Audition Room
• Tips to Help you Make the Best of Every Audition
• Q & A Session

Student Pricing: $150 Non Student Pricing: $175

Feb 1, 2010

Teleprompter Training


What is TAG??...
The Teleprompter Accreditation Group (TAG)
was established in order to achieve a standard of excellence among professional talent and public speakers who use Teleprompters. Branches are in development (inactively) across the U.S., with Atlanta being our home base and launching environment. Common names used are: (TAG Talent/TAG Actor/TAG News Anchor/TAG Public Speaker).

I’m already an established Actor so why do I need to be certified?
In many production communities, individuals may not need to demonstrate any knowledge or skill at all when hired for a Teleprompting job!

This challenges the credibility of our field and the work that we do!
TAG validates that veteran Teleprompter Talent and Agencies offering Talent with Teleprompting skills, are both credible and marked with a seal of excellence!
Already, a handful of Directors, Producers and Corporate Executives are requesting TAG Actors only on teleprompting jobs. You want your name on their list!

How do I become a TAG Actor?
In order to become a TAG Actor/Member, you need to come to a Qualifying Session, pass your requested Level and pay annual dues of $60.00. If you qualify, you will receive your TAG Card and honored with a “CTP” ranking certificate (Certified Teleprompter Professional).
Ex: John Doe, CTP
2010 TAG Member Level III

What is a Qualifying Session?
A Qualifying Session is much like an audition. We host 15 minute time slots and Actors come in to read their scripts with a Teleprompter(s). Scripts are sent to Actors 24 hrs beforehand. The sessions are videotaped. You will not receive training, feedback or critiquing. They are held randomly throughout the year and our next sessions are this week, Feb. 4th, 5th and 6th. Email: telegrouptag@gmail.com to reserve a space.

What are the Levels?
Simply put, our TAG Actors are either: Level 1, II or III.
We also have Young Actors (YA) and Young Actor Teen (YAT) Levels. The degree of Teleprompting needs in the film, video and webcasting industries vary greatly, from children reading teleprompters, to industrial spots where an actor is addressing one teleprompter but will need to read a lot of dialogue fluently, to a full-blown demonstration video where you may be building a house and simultaneously using 3-5 teleprompters, on cranes, dollies or a steadicam, all at once!

To match the needs of hiring professionals, we have established varying degrees of TAG Actors with “Levels”. The higher an Actors Level, the more marketable they will become. Some production companies may not need the highest ranking TAG Actors but they want to be assured that their Talent can get through a lot of dialogue without going into unjust overtime so by hiring a TAG Actor at a basic level is valid and required. You can read about our TAG Levels at www.telegroup.org/requirements.

Which Level should I try out for?
Your experience with Teleprompters will give you an idea of what you might want to apply for. If you are unsure and you try out for a Level III but don’t quite make, you may automatically be considered for Level II, likewise, if you try out for Level II but don’t quite make it, you may automatically be considered for Level I. It is our suggestion that you apply at a Level you will feel sure you can pass first!

Who determines if I am qualified to be a TAG Actor?
TAG has an Advisory Panel made up of distinguished professionals in the film industry ranging from Producers, Directors, Actors, Emmy Judges and Teleprompter Operators. Your Qualifying Session videotape is sent to our Advisory Panel after your session and the Advisory Panel has 21 days to judge and determine who is qualified. The results are sent back to TAG Founder, Lauri Plesco Ross who contacts you and your Agent with the results.

What if I pass?
TAG will notify you within 21 days of your Qualifying Session to let you know you passed, and at which Level. If you decide to become Certified, you will send your dues to the TAG office and receive your card within 10 business days. Your card will have an identifying code number on it and a yearly date. Each year you renew your card your card will have an updated date. Hiring professionals will be looking for current dates and code numbers. You will not be able to list yourself as a TAG Actor without your TAG card or code number.

What if I do not pass? Can I re-test?
You can re-test twice every 6 months. If you decide to re-test you will need to show proof of intent to improve via a teleprompting continuing education course, lesson, workshop or the like. These courses do not need to be taken with TAG. We can refer you to acting studios and schools who host teleprompting courses.

If I pass at one Level, can I apply for another Level at the next Qualifying Session?

Will I have to pay an extra $60.00 if I pass on to the next Level?
Not if you pass within the same year that you have already paid $60.00.

Do I have to take courses from TAG in order to become a TAG Member?
No. As a request to the enhancement of the accreditation requirements, TAG now provides resources, training and coaching as well as ongoing workshops and private lessons with Teleprompters, however, this is not our primary focus and you are not required to take courses with TAG. Only advanced Actors or those with representation will be eligible for these courses with TAG.