Nov 30, 2010

TAG Qualifying Session- For seasoned actors with Teleprompter experience ONLY

TAG will be having our last Qualifying Sessions of the 2010 year the week of December 13th.
If you have professional talent already seasoned with teleprompters, please pass this on. Please ask your Talent not to apply if they have never read a teleprompter or are not seasoned and proficient with a teleprompter.
There is a growing need for Spanish speaking teleprompter talent - if you have Actors who speak Spanish and are not yet qualified, please encourage them to apply.
Currently, Atlanta has 62 TAG Actors (represented and independent) and we would like to have a bigger pool for Producers/Directors to choose from when calling you.
Attached is the invitation that you may want to send out and an FAQ.
Simply email: to request a Qualifying Session!

Who hires TAG Actors??...
Currently, several Atlanta Producers, Directors and Corporate Production Companies are now requesting TAG Actors ONLY for all of their Teleprompting jobs and the list is growing rapidly! TAG Actors are in great demand in every demographic!

Check our website for more information!
Sessions are on a “first come/first serve” basis and are filling up quickly.
You will be notified via email of available time slots and any necessary preparation requirements.

Nov 24, 2010

To Our J Pervis Talent Family!

Thanksgiving is for all the things that matter most. We are so blessed to have YOU as part of our J Pervis Talent family! May your holiday be filled with love, abundance, and happiness!

Jayme, Joy, Julie, Justine, & Nina

Nov 23, 2010

Chez Group Workshop

Dear Agents,

It was recently reported that the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office, which is the arm of the state's department of economic development whose goal it is to cultivate and promote film work, estimates that the economic impact of film and television production in Georgia has increased fivefold from $241 million in 2007 to $1.3 billion in 2010...and it keeps getting stronger.

A recent newspaper cover flashed the title, Tinseltown Taps Atlanta as Movie-Making Mecca! The inside article boasted that Peachtree Street has become a red carpet, as so many big names in showbiz continue to pour into our city for work...very exciting...!

Never has there been a better time to get involved in some aspect of this industry in the state of Georgia.

The Chez Group would like to remind you that Shannon Eubanks' on camera technique workshop is less than two weeks away...the weekend of December 4th and 5th. There will be a morning session from 9 AM to 1 PM Saturday and Sunday, and an afternoon session from 2 PM to 6 PM Saturday and Sunday. For more details and to register for the workshop, please encourage your talent to visit the training page of our website at . There is still some space available for both sessions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or have any feedback to offer. We will be scheduling and posting our January and February workshops soon, and we welcome any thoughts or suggestions you may have to offer...don't hold back...!

Best wishes to everyone for a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Mary Ann

The Chez Group
404-771-1361 (C)

Nov 12, 2010

Headshot Special

Nov 8, 2010

Workshop Info

Still a few spaces left for Disney's Jen Rudin's Adult TV/Film Workshop. This Sunday! Follow this link for details:

Nov 4, 2010

Short Film- Submit yourself!

Project: Reveal

Production Company: Summerset Productions

Category: Short Film

Casting Director(s): Charisma Studios

Union: Non Union

Production Description: Summerset Productions is doing a series of short, narrative-style religious teaching videos for a Christian non-profit. This one is of a character talking about how she sometimes feels as if God doesn't give her the answers she wants to questions she has, or that God sometimes feels far away. She then recalls memories from her childhood when her father used to travel frequently for businesses. We see the younger version of her and her sister as they miss their traveling father. But then they find a series of little gifts hidden along with clues that he's left behind for them to find and they go on a scavenger hunt to find them. The narrator uses these stories to talk about how God might allow himself to feel far off at times so that we will search for him and find him, like a cosmic game of hide and seek.

Usage: Still deciding on distribution, but it would likely be online, via dvd, or some combination, and likely along with some kind of ancillary "teaching" materials like a Bible study curriculum.

Conflicts: none

Exclusivity: none

Audition Dates: Sunday, 11/7/2010

Audition Location: 585 Cobb Parkway South, Studio C1, Marietta, GA 30060

Audition Time: 3p - 5p

Shoot Date and Time: Monday, 11/8/2010, 9A – 5P

Travel Pay: None

Weather Dates: None

Shoot Location: Metro Atlanta Area

Shoot Schedule: Series of flashback scenes which depict a scavenger hunt that they go on through their house when their father goes out of town on a business trip and leaves them a series of clues and gifts. Ultimately the last clue leads them to the front door, where they find him back from his trip and waiting to greet them. No dialog will be recorded, though they may be *seen* talking, but ultimately the flashbacks are covered by narration.

Role: YOUNG BETH / Principal / Female / 4 - 5 / Caucasian

Description: Little Bethany needed for flashback scenes. Needs to resemble Current Bethany. Hair Color: Brunette or Auburn. Anything in that range

Shoot Days: 1 Day

Rate: $150

Note: Talent will also receive a copy

Role: BETH’S SISTER. / Principal / Female / 6 - 7 / Caucasian

Description: Little Bethany's Older sister.

Shoot Days: 1 Day

Rate: $150

Note: Talent will also receive a copy

Submission Instructions: ---

Submission Due Date:
Specifics: Electronic Submission Only

Please submit your 800casting profile link to by Friday, 11/5/2010, 6p. Subject: Reveal Casting.

Nov 1, 2010

Chez Group Workshop

Hello Agents,

Chez Studios is excited to announce two new workshops that have just been added to our schedule! We appreciate your ongoing support in helping us to get the word out about our workshop program...we hope to see some of your talent soon!

A description of each workshop follows:

The first workshop, scheduled for Saturday, November 13th, teams Shay Griffin and Ric Reitz together for a not to be missed educational seminar targeted for the serious beginning adult actor (ages 16 and older).

Shay will host the morning session, entitled, "Get the Job! The Business of Show Business," and will walk the actor through the basic requirements of marketing yourself as a professional actor. Her lecture will be followed by Ric's afternoon session, entitled, "You Got the Job...Now Don't Get Fired!" which will include discussions about on the set etiquette and sound stage techniques. After spending the day with Shay and Ric, you will be prepared to jumpstart your professional acting career.

The second workshop, scheduled for the weekend of December 4th and 5th, will be taught by Shannon Eubanks, who is joining us again to teach the serious actor her successful On Camera Technique acting workshop for adults (ages 16 and older).

The casting industry is feeling the effects of changes in technology just like everyone else, as evidenced by the way in which actors are now auditioning. It is becoming more and more common for actors to be asked to put themselves on tape for an audition without the leadership of a casting director in the room. Shay stresses the importance of learning the effective tools to successfully audition on camera through this intensive workshop weekend with Shannon Eubanks.

Our children's and teen's acting workshop with Matt Fletcher, which is scheduled for the weekend of November 13th and 14th, has several places still available. Shay just met with Matt in L.A. this past weekend, and he is very excited to be returning to Atlanta soon...don't miss out on this great opportunity to work with a top talent agent from Los Angeles in less than two weeks!

For complete details on all of these exciting happenings, please visit the training page of our website at .

Please feel free to contact Mary Ann at if you have any questions or need further information.

Due to the upcoming holidays, these workshops will be the last that Chez Studios will offer until we ring in the new year...and what an exciting new year we are anticipating...for everyone in this industry!

Mary Ann