Jan 5, 2011


I'm working on an indie feature, and wanted to see if there was anyone that you might be able to send our way. I'm not asking for your casting services sadly. We have very little money and want to offer that to the secondary cast and dayplayers, but I'm hoping you might post it or send it out to anyone interested in gaining more experience on set or getting more feature film experience.

Alex Motlagh of Popfilms produced the first 9 days. I'm producing the 2nd half of this low budget feature film written and directed by Dan Bush (The Signal - Transmission 3, FFP, Day in the Life, etc.). It's not a horror film, it's a dramatic thriller about a man who tries to escape his life by cloning himself - in the style of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, American Beauty, and Michael Clayton.

For the secondary and dayplayer roles, we want good actors with interesting faces. ATL is full of beautiful people for commercial work, but we really want character actor faces and hope you may have some that would be interested.

We're looking to hold casting this Thursday and Friday - by appointment. For the 2 secondary roles, we will read people, but for everyone else, we just want a meet and great, and can have them out in 5 minutes. If they send me their headshots and resumes, we'll pick folks and schedule them ourselves.

RESUME AND HEADSHOTS CAN BE SENT TO: nusouthfilms@mindspring.com

Here are some descriptions of what we are looking for:

Tom Langley: 30-45. Head of Next Corp Security, and as he cryptically tells Edward in the movie,"If you are talking to me... it's serious." Focused as a bulldog and as smart as a wolf - think Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, or Harrison Ford in Blade Runner. He comes to the realization that he might be a product of Next Corp. cloning. This newfound doubt about who or what he is informs his dissension from Next Corp., and drives him to save his maker's life against Next Corp's orders.

Dr. Bronson: 45-65 year-old white woman. Striking features. We think she is a sweet and kind woman, sympathetic to the lead character, but she's actually the Evil Architect of Next Corp and as such she will never let any one who knows the lab's secrets leave.

Dayplayer Roles:

4 large, intimidating Security Men (30-45 in shape)

3 Psych Ward Male Orderlies (Large enough to carry a thrashing 5'6 male)

1 Psych Ward Doctor (40-65)

2 Cops (in shape)

1 Male Lawyer (55-70)

1 Psych Ward Administrator (40-60 male)

Extras: All shapes and sizes - 18 and up

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!

Linda B

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