Feb 10, 2011

Master Weekend Workshop

Our Master Weekends with Lisina are a spin-off of our already intensive programming for Kids, Teens and Adults. The Master Weekends with Lisina are designed to impact the actor with a level of physical, emotional, and intellectual challenge the way our current programs do - only compacted into a two-day, 10-hour marathon workout.
Designed and taught by Lisina Stoneburner~ the Southeast's Most Sought After Acting Coach.

Our Philosophy
We are firm believers in on-going training for the actor. The same way athletes who compete or strive to compete on the professional level do; actors who want to compete need to keep their senses sharp, their imaginations working and their skills crisp by participating in on-going long-term training regiments. Every now and then a Master Weekend that can jolt the mind, heart and body is beneficial to shock the system, challenge the skill set and re-set the goals.

Who is Eligible?
· Adult Master Weekends are for ages 18 and up
· Kids and Teens Master Weekends are for ages 7 and up. (All children must be able to read.)
IMPORTANT!! We do recommend some previous training or experience before registering. We do not make this mandatory as sometimes natural talent and extreme effort is enough - however it is strongly advised.
Everyone in the Master Weekend will be pushed extremely hard and allowances will not be made for those who feel too pressured or exhausted mentally or emotionally by the work. Parents.... We strongly advise you to be realistic about your child's work ethic, their endurance and their desire to participate fully before registering them.
(In the first hour of the Master Weekend an assesment is made of all the participants to see if we need to divide the group by ability. We will if necessary.)

Who Teaches It?
Co-Executive Director Lisina Stoneburner along with two other acting instructors. Lisina Stoneburner is the Southeast's most sought after acting coach. In addition to being credited with coaching some of the top booking actors in the area and Los Angeles, she also consistently coaches on film and television shows. She is currently the on-set coach for the CW hit "The Vampire Diaries".

What is Taught?
· Vocal and Physical Preparation
· Script Comprehension
· Improvisation
· Fearless Auditioning
· Emotional Availability
· Sense Memory
· Basic Dance Class (dance for the actor....this will work for all ages and body types)
· Industry Q & A
· Parents Q & A

Master Weekends with Lisina are two days, 5 hours each day.
Saturday 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

We don't recommend registering if you have to leave early, come late or miss any of it.

2011 Available Master Weekends with Lisina Are:

March 19 & 20, 2011
September 24 & 25, 2011

March 5 & 6, 2011
September 10 & 11, 2011


How To Enroll:

Click HERE to go to the Master Weekends page on the website. Check out Video from past students.
Download the Registration Form (on site) and book your space before they’re all gone!!

Creating Successful Actors Since 1996!

Commercial Casting Director Workshop!

So your child wants to be in commercials? Give them the opportunity to learn first-hand from one of the top commercial casting directors in the Southeast. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH, 1-4PM at yourACT.

Kris Redding will share the do’s and don’ts of commercial auditioning in this “seriously fun” on-camera workshop designed to guide young actors through the audition process, including one-on-one coaching and tips on how they can make their commercial auditions better. Come join her for this chance to get on the inside track and get her expert advice in this workshop designed especially for kids their age:

* How to audition step by step
* Audition and callback etiquette
* Taped auditions with review & feedback from Kris
* Instruction on improv and scripted scenes
* Q&A with actors and parents

Kris will also be accepting headshots & resume′s at the workshop.

Kids Commercial Auditions with Kris Redding
Where: yourACT Acting Studios http://www.youract.tv
6th – 8th graders, ONE DAY ONLY! SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH, 1-4PM
Limited to 15
Call 404-499-9996 to register.

Feb 7, 2011

Independent Film Opportunity

Shoot Dates: March 11th, 12th & 13th (actors will be needed 2 out of the 3 days)

Daily Rate: $100/day

Audition Dates: btw Feb.18th-20th (official date not set; but will fall in this time)

Interested Actors should submit to: Juneslastwish@gmail.com

Background on the Writer/Director, Jonas Elrod:

His Website:

Jonas Elrod has been in the film industry for the last 10 years working as Producer/Director on various projects including documentaries, music videos, commercials and short films.

Based in New York , Jonas co-ran the award winning production company Rockhard Films. During his time there, Jonas worked on all aspects of production ranging from Director/Producer and Editor. Focusing primarily on music videos and commercials, he worked with top artist/clients such as Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Nike, ESPN and Spike Lee. In the winter of 2003, Jonas began producing his first feature documentary BEARS. He traveled across the country for two years working on this film shooting over 200 hours of footage. The film played the festival circuit and is gearing up for release.

His second documentary, WAKE UP, follows his own personal journey looking for spiritual truth and meaning after going through a very radical spiritual awakening.

Thank you for your time.

All the best,

Tyler Smith


A 21st Century Southern Gothic Spiritual Thriller. Set in the early 1990's durning a heat wave in a small southern town- June's Last Wish tells the story on several characters brought together to solve a 22 year old mystery. New in town, Edward, who was brought there following a series a "waking" dreams, begins to understand what is happening, realizing what is truly at stake, and must make amends for his past. June's Last Wish is a love story of Edward and June on a metaphysical rollercoaster ride, switching from past, present, and future lives, as well into spiritual realms such as Heaven, Hell and Purgatory in attempts to bring balance to the town and to defeat the Shadow.

Junes Last Wish Productions, is currently excepting submissions for the SAG short film June's Last Wish. Email current a headshot/photo and resume tojuneslastwish@gmail.com (Email Submissions Only)
Submissions must be submitted no later than Sunday January 23rd.

Directed by Jonas Elrod

Produced by June's Last Wish Productions


Lash Lenoy, Male 27 to 40, Caucasian

Athletic build

Intense Smart Ass

Handsome (but looks are faded due to heavy drinking)

Man's man


June Cosgrove, Female 25-35, Caucasian


Dark hair/light complexion

Pretty but can play looks down

Emotes sadness

Must be very expressive with face/eyes

Sherif Forester, Male 45-55, Caucasian

Tough man's man


In shape

Large build


Feb 1, 2011

Actor's Slate

Hello fellow actors. Actor Slate is shooting in Atlanta on February 4 and 5. There are still a handful of shoot times available.

Pretty much everything you need to know is on the Actor Slate website, where you can also schedule and book an Actor Slate shoot session.

Click here: http://actorslate.chelseastudios.com

Some important things to know.

- The cost is $175.00. To shoot, edit and host on the Breakdown Services and Actors Access networks. Personal copies of both the 60 second Actor Slate that appears on Breakdown Services and Actors Access, and the Actor Slate Deluxe, a longer version of between 2 - 4 minutes are available for additional cost. Most actors are purchasing one or both of these for use on their own websites, for direct submission purposes and for uploading to popular video sites like Youtube and Facebook and lots of others.

- Chelsea Studios is the exclusive producers of Actor Slate for Breakdown Services. Only those produced by Chelsea will appear on the Breakdown Services and Actors Access networks.

Stanley Zucker
The Actor Slate Team at Chelsea Studios