Feb 1, 2011

Actor's Slate

Hello fellow actors. Actor Slate is shooting in Atlanta on February 4 and 5. There are still a handful of shoot times available.

Pretty much everything you need to know is on the Actor Slate website, where you can also schedule and book an Actor Slate shoot session.

Click here: http://actorslate.chelseastudios.com

Some important things to know.

- The cost is $175.00. To shoot, edit and host on the Breakdown Services and Actors Access networks. Personal copies of both the 60 second Actor Slate that appears on Breakdown Services and Actors Access, and the Actor Slate Deluxe, a longer version of between 2 - 4 minutes are available for additional cost. Most actors are purchasing one or both of these for use on their own websites, for direct submission purposes and for uploading to popular video sites like Youtube and Facebook and lots of others.

- Chelsea Studios is the exclusive producers of Actor Slate for Breakdown Services. Only those produced by Chelsea will appear on the Breakdown Services and Actors Access networks.

Stanley Zucker
The Actor Slate Team at Chelsea Studios


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