May 28, 2010


Workshop 2 -
"How to Make the Most of your Callback and Book it!"

You've got a callback for a pilot or what? Joey takes you step by step of what to do and what not to do when you have the opportunity to book a role.

Learn "strategies for remaining poised under pressure" and "how to connect with the director, casting director or producer."

Scenes will be given out in advance. Limited to 24 students.

Sunday June 13th 2:30pm - 6:30pm

Monday June 14th 2pm-6pm

$400 for both workshops.

One parent per child under 18 may sit in free of charge for Q and A.

To Enroll Call 404-355-4588
OR visit our website at


CSA welcomes Joey Paul Jensen to the studio for four outstanding workshops to help local actors make the most of their acting opportunities.

Workshop 1 - "Bullet Proofing Your Audition"

Learn how to make your audition Exceptional with award-winning Hollywood casting director, producer and acting coach.

Choose one of three half-day workshops:

Sunday June 13th 9:30am - 1:30pm
Monday June 14th 9:00am - :00pm
Seminar approved for actors 10+ and adults. Kids age 7-9 allowed with agent referral.

"There are a lot of good above-average talented actors. The ones who book are the exceptional actors". This workshop points out all the little mistakes actors make in auditions that take them out of the running for roles while presenting ways to interact and perform for casting directors that will make your audition stand out.

To Enroll Call 404-355-4588
OR visit our website at

May 27, 2010

Actor's Slate

Use Coupon Code to get a free copy for our website: JP25

Hello J Pervis Actors,

The Actor Slate® team from Chelsea Studios in Los Angeles is coming to Atlanta for two days only – June 4th & 5th -- to shoot Actor Slates®.

An Actor Slate® is a professionally shot and edited general interview. It’s a moving, talking headshot. Completely unscripted. Just 60 seconds of you.

Once shot and edited, your Actor Slate® is hosted on Breakdown Services and Actors Access, making it available to casting directors instantly 24/7/365.

The basic price for an Actor Slate® is $175.00 – that’s to shoot, edit and host your Actor Slate® on Breakdown Services and Actors Access networks.

Most actors also purchase a personal Quicktime copy of their 60-second Actor Slate® for $25.00 and/or the Actor Slate Deluxe® which is a 2-4 minute version, for $40.00. These personal copies can be used on your own website, for direct submission purposes or for posting to popular video sites like Facebook or YouTube. More importantly, you can give a copy to your agent who can use it for submission purposes for local work when not using Breakdown Services.

We have made a special arrangement with Jayme to provide J Pervis clients with a special coupon code worth $25.00 towards the purchase of either or both personal Quicktime versions. In other words, you book the package that includes one or both personal Quicktimes and with the coupon you get the 60 second personal Quicktime for free.

To learn more about Actor Slate® or to book a shoot session on Friday, June 4th or Saturday, June 5th, please visit our website.

Here is the link:

We hope you’re able to take advantage of this opportunity to expand your exposure to casting directors and have a tool that works for you and your agent around the clock.

Stanley Zucker
The Actor Slate® Team at Chelsea Studios

May 25, 2010

Workshop Opportunity

Cypress Moon Studios Presents:
The first in a series of music and film workshops and seminars.

DATE: Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Cypress Moon Studios
1000 Alabama Avenue
Sheffield, AL 35660
Auditioning For Film
The Casting Director
9:30am – 11:30am
• Auditioning for the camera, compared to auditioning for theater.
• Work with a Los Angeles Casting Director on techniques.

The Actor
12:00pm – 2:00pm
• Professional actors share their strategies for getting the audition, preparing for the audition, and marketing yourself.

Reaching Your Target Audience
The Publicist
3:30pm – 5:00pm
• Keeping yourself or your film in front of the media.
• The importance of the internet for networking.

The Producer
5:30pm – 7:00pm
• A discussion on the ABC’s of making a movie, from finance to distribution.
• Alternate ways of distributing your film.

Auditioning For Film Workshop
(Includes “The Casting Director” and “The Actor” Workshops) $100

Reaching Your Target Audience
(Includes “The Publicist” and “The Producer” Seminars) $100


Limited seating available. Must reserve seating in advance. No payment received at door.
Deadline to register is THURSDAY, MAY 27th!
For more information, contact Cypress Moon Studios
P: 256-381-5745 or E:

May 19, 2010

Casting Call

Casting Call
May 21st 2010
Casting 3 men for a short independent Sci Fi film.
Ethnicity is open
Age range: 20 – 35
If interested email Khalid Robinson at to get a time slot and a copy of the sides.

May 18, 2010

TAG Workshop

Two Very Affordable Introductory Teleprompting Workshops
on Saturday, May 22nd
➢ The Business of Teleprompting (10-11:30am)
➢ Introduction to Teleprompting (12-1:30)
Only $35.00 per course, or $60.00 for both Workshops if paid by May 18th!
Two outstanding introductory teleprompting workshops on May 22nd, taught by industry expert, Lauri Plesco Ross. * Not sure how Teleprompting could be a tool you need as an actor?
* Saw TAG on 800casting and not sure what it is?
Come to these short workshops to understand the importance this skill could play in booking your next job.
➢ The Business of Teleprompting!
May 22nd: 10-11:30 am
Develop your “Edge” with Teleprompting skills!
Truly skilled Teleprompter Talent is a vital commodity in today’s media marketing!
With evolving media formatting, web-based telecommunications and online “webisodes”, the demands of production are changing. Teleprompters are becoming required on practically every job, even on reality shows! Producers, now more then ever, need to save time and money by hiring Actors proficient at using Teleprompters.

Local Atlanta Film/Television Producers will:
• Give a synopsis of what they expect with Teleprompter Talent
• Discuss which jobs require Teleprompters and
• Share what they are looking for when hiring Actors who use Teleprompters.

• How becoming skilled with Teleprompters will greatly enhance your career
• The skills needed to become proficient with Teleprompters
• Who hires Teleprompter Talent
• What is expected of an Actor using Teleprompters
• Ear prompters vs. Camera prompters
• What types of Teleprompters are available and what they look like.
• Why Teleprompting skills aren’t just limited to Industrial work
• How becoming skilled with a Teleprompter can spearhead your Feature Film career and many other venues as an Actor
• Why Actors should become a Certified Teleprompter Professional
• What is TAG (Teleprompter Accreditation Group) and the benefits of Membership
• How to find jobs that hire Teleprompter Talent

Send Advance Payment by Check or Money Order to:
TAG, PO Box 112, Morganton, GA 30560 (payable to TAG)
➢ Introduction to Teleprompting!
May 22nd; 12:00-1:30pm
Must take The Business of Teleprompting Course.

• What to expect when using a Teleprompter
• “Set etiquette” when using a Teleprompter
• Pacing, breathing, pausing
• Working with your Teleprompter Operator
• The Do’s and Don’ts of working with a Teleprompter
• Tips for setting up your script
• Ad-libbing with a Teleprompter
• Using Multiple Teleprompters
• Using Props and Multiple Teleprompters
• Eye movement limitation tips and tricks
And Much, much More!

If you have never used a Teleprompter before or have limited exposure to Teleprompting, this Introduction to Teleprompting Presentation is for you. Here you will see, hear and watch the basics of Teleprompting and be able to ask questions in a safe environment.

Investment: $35.00 per workshop
Pay by May 18th and Save…
Only $30.00 or combine both courses for only $60.00!!

Course Offered by: TAG; Teleprompter Accreditation Group
Presenter: Lauri Plesco Ross Owner/Founder and Peachtree Prompters owner
Location: Creative Studios of Atlanta; 500 Bishop St. (big studio?) Atlanta, GA 30318
Contact Information: Email: or visit

Don’t make the mistake of telling your Agent…
* That you can read a Teleprompter when you aren’t sure that you can!
* Why? You will risk your reputation and jeopardize your relationship with your Agent!

Local Atlanta Film/Television Producers will:
• Give a synopsis of what they expect with Teleprompter Talent
• Share what they are looking for when hiring Actors who use Teleprompters
• View Actors wishing to try their skills with Teleprompters and give direct feedback! (Time Permitting)
Send Advance Payment by Check or Money Order to:
TAG, PO Box 112, Morganton, GA 30560 (payable to TAG)
About TAG Founder Lauri Plesco Ross
Lauri Plesco Ross has worked with Actors and Teleprompters since 1989, and is the Founder/Instructor and CEO of “TAG”, The Teleprompter Accreditation Group. (see Lauri also owns and operates Peachtree Prompters (, the largest Teleprompter rental house in the Southeast.

Lauri’s vast experience in the film and video industries has given her the opportunity to work with hundreds of Producers and Directors where she has been privy to what works and what doesn’t work with Teleprompter Talent. She knows what Directors are looking for in Teleprompter Talent. She has seen Producers scrambling to find qualified Teleprompter Talent and Actors looking for an affordable way to become skilled with Teleprompters. Her goals are to help the market as a whole, offering a place for Actors to hone their skills and Producers and Directors a bigger pool of reliable Teleprompter Talent when calling their Agents.

Lauri has researched and created an environment through TAG and Peachtree Prompters, where:
• Agents can represent truly proficient Teleprompter Talent
• Producers/Directors know they will save time and money with skilled Teleprompter Talent

And, Professional Actors have affordable resources to:

• Learn Teleprompting skills
• Enhance their own unique skills or
• Practice upcoming Teleprompting scripts.

Lauri Plesco Ross is a true entrepreneur providing a much needed service that benefits the film industry as a whole.

TAG Actors are being represented by Talent Agents in the SouthEast
(spearheaded in Atlanta) and on
To stay current with the industry expectations you may wish to aspire for a TAG status, but being a TAG Actor is not required to be good with a Teleprompter.

Upcoming Cities: Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Charlotte, Wilmington, Detroit

May 10, 2010

Jim Moody Workshop

, Mr. James Moody. He comes to The Company Acting Studio school once a year to teach an all day workshop in scene study. He is inspiring, challenging and insightful.

The workshop is one day. You are assigned a scene from a play and a scene partner one week ahead of time. You come prepared to work that scene in the workshop.

This workshop is open to actors 16 and over.

We do not recommend this workshop for the beginner. While it is open to anyone to take it, we do want you to gauge your level before registering.

Contact us for more information and a registration form.

Our best,

Lisina and John

JIM MOODY, actor/teacher/director from New York City, graduate of The Julliard School, Masters in Theatre, Nationally renowned teacher and lecturer. Film and Television credits include, Law and Order, Law and Order Criminal Intent, Law and Order SVU, Third Watch, 28 Days, The Best Man, Celebrity, New York Undercover, Lean on Me, Bad Boys, D.C. Cab, Fame, The Last Dragon, Fighting Back, Personal Best, Night Falls on Manhattan and Who’s the Man, among others.

Mr. Moody will be teaching his intensive workshop in Scene Study again this August. The workshop is for ages 16 and over. It is not a beginner workshop, only those with some previous experience and/or training should attend.

Date: Saturday, August 14th 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Cost: $150.00

Deadline for registration: August 1st 2010

Location: The Company Acting Studio

May 4, 2010

Casting Call


When: Saturday, May 8th 2010
Time: 2:00PM – 6:00PM
Where: Art Institute of Atlanta

Production Title: Buster’s Day
Buster’s Day is a student commercial being shot in Atlanta on Saturday, May 15, 2010. The commercial is a fun and positive 30 second spot for a local pet foundation. Magic Bean Pictures is casting two actors as mother and son in non-speaking roles.

Casting one MALE and FEMALE in the following roles:
Son – Young Caucasian Male, age 10-13
Mother – Middle-Aged Caucasian Female, age 35-45

Please email Valencia Whaley at
-- Use ACTORS NEEDED as Subject of email
-- Include your 1st and 2nd choices for times. We schedule actors in 30 minute blocks.
-- Provide your Height & Age Range
-- Include your Name, Phone number(s) & email address
-- Please attach headshot & resume to email

Audition times are first come, first serve. We will EMAIL you to confirm your audition time and date. Sides will be sent to confirmed talent before their audition date

-- Bring your Head Shot & Resume (At least 2 copies of each.)
-- Plan to stay at least 45 minutes to 1 hour.

If you have a last minute change of plans, please email Please be sure to leave your phone number AND email.
This is a non-union film
Compensation: Actors will not be paid but will receive a master-quality video of project, if cast.