Nov 30, 2010

TAG Qualifying Session- For seasoned actors with Teleprompter experience ONLY

TAG will be having our last Qualifying Sessions of the 2010 year the week of December 13th.
If you have professional talent already seasoned with teleprompters, please pass this on. Please ask your Talent not to apply if they have never read a teleprompter or are not seasoned and proficient with a teleprompter.
There is a growing need for Spanish speaking teleprompter talent - if you have Actors who speak Spanish and are not yet qualified, please encourage them to apply.
Currently, Atlanta has 62 TAG Actors (represented and independent) and we would like to have a bigger pool for Producers/Directors to choose from when calling you.
Attached is the invitation that you may want to send out and an FAQ.
Simply email: to request a Qualifying Session!

Who hires TAG Actors??...
Currently, several Atlanta Producers, Directors and Corporate Production Companies are now requesting TAG Actors ONLY for all of their Teleprompting jobs and the list is growing rapidly! TAG Actors are in great demand in every demographic!

Check our website for more information!
Sessions are on a “first come/first serve” basis and are filling up quickly.
You will be notified via email of available time slots and any necessary preparation requirements.


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