Nov 4, 2010

Short Film- Submit yourself!

Project: Reveal

Production Company: Summerset Productions

Category: Short Film

Casting Director(s): Charisma Studios

Union: Non Union

Production Description: Summerset Productions is doing a series of short, narrative-style religious teaching videos for a Christian non-profit. This one is of a character talking about how she sometimes feels as if God doesn't give her the answers she wants to questions she has, or that God sometimes feels far away. She then recalls memories from her childhood when her father used to travel frequently for businesses. We see the younger version of her and her sister as they miss their traveling father. But then they find a series of little gifts hidden along with clues that he's left behind for them to find and they go on a scavenger hunt to find them. The narrator uses these stories to talk about how God might allow himself to feel far off at times so that we will search for him and find him, like a cosmic game of hide and seek.

Usage: Still deciding on distribution, but it would likely be online, via dvd, or some combination, and likely along with some kind of ancillary "teaching" materials like a Bible study curriculum.

Conflicts: none

Exclusivity: none

Audition Dates: Sunday, 11/7/2010

Audition Location: 585 Cobb Parkway South, Studio C1, Marietta, GA 30060

Audition Time: 3p - 5p

Shoot Date and Time: Monday, 11/8/2010, 9A – 5P

Travel Pay: None

Weather Dates: None

Shoot Location: Metro Atlanta Area

Shoot Schedule: Series of flashback scenes which depict a scavenger hunt that they go on through their house when their father goes out of town on a business trip and leaves them a series of clues and gifts. Ultimately the last clue leads them to the front door, where they find him back from his trip and waiting to greet them. No dialog will be recorded, though they may be *seen* talking, but ultimately the flashbacks are covered by narration.

Role: YOUNG BETH / Principal / Female / 4 - 5 / Caucasian

Description: Little Bethany needed for flashback scenes. Needs to resemble Current Bethany. Hair Color: Brunette or Auburn. Anything in that range

Shoot Days: 1 Day

Rate: $150

Note: Talent will also receive a copy

Role: BETH’S SISTER. / Principal / Female / 6 - 7 / Caucasian

Description: Little Bethany's Older sister.

Shoot Days: 1 Day

Rate: $150

Note: Talent will also receive a copy

Submission Instructions: ---

Submission Due Date:
Specifics: Electronic Submission Only

Please submit your 800casting profile link to by Friday, 11/5/2010, 6p. Subject: Reveal Casting.


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