Nov 1, 2010

Chez Group Workshop

Hello Agents,

Chez Studios is excited to announce two new workshops that have just been added to our schedule! We appreciate your ongoing support in helping us to get the word out about our workshop program...we hope to see some of your talent soon!

A description of each workshop follows:

The first workshop, scheduled for Saturday, November 13th, teams Shay Griffin and Ric Reitz together for a not to be missed educational seminar targeted for the serious beginning adult actor (ages 16 and older).

Shay will host the morning session, entitled, "Get the Job! The Business of Show Business," and will walk the actor through the basic requirements of marketing yourself as a professional actor. Her lecture will be followed by Ric's afternoon session, entitled, "You Got the Job...Now Don't Get Fired!" which will include discussions about on the set etiquette and sound stage techniques. After spending the day with Shay and Ric, you will be prepared to jumpstart your professional acting career.

The second workshop, scheduled for the weekend of December 4th and 5th, will be taught by Shannon Eubanks, who is joining us again to teach the serious actor her successful On Camera Technique acting workshop for adults (ages 16 and older).

The casting industry is feeling the effects of changes in technology just like everyone else, as evidenced by the way in which actors are now auditioning. It is becoming more and more common for actors to be asked to put themselves on tape for an audition without the leadership of a casting director in the room. Shay stresses the importance of learning the effective tools to successfully audition on camera through this intensive workshop weekend with Shannon Eubanks.

Our children's and teen's acting workshop with Matt Fletcher, which is scheduled for the weekend of November 13th and 14th, has several places still available. Shay just met with Matt in L.A. this past weekend, and he is very excited to be returning to Atlanta soon...don't miss out on this great opportunity to work with a top talent agent from Los Angeles in less than two weeks!

For complete details on all of these exciting happenings, please visit the training page of our website at .

Please feel free to contact Mary Ann at if you have any questions or need further information.

Due to the upcoming holidays, these workshops will be the last that Chez Studios will offer until we ring in the new year...and what an exciting new year we are anticipating...for everyone in this industry!

Mary Ann


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