Nov 28, 2011


2011 has been an amazing year and we are gearing up for another amazing in 2012! To get the year started off right we have recently launched a new website! Be sure to check it out at

NOTE: ALL Demo reels have changed on the new website. We now need YouTube videos links for reels. We are still using mp3’s for the voice over demo’s. Email these updates to

For those with profiles on the website: Headshots, resumes, & demos can be updated throughout the year, please email updated resumes to when updates are needed. It is the responsibility of the talent to make sure that we are notified when updates are needed.


To renew your individual page on the J Pervis Talent website a renewal fee of $55 must be received in our office no later than December 15th. This fee covers unlimited headshot, resume, and demo updates for 2011. Send all updates for the resumes to To update the headshots send a CD to the office in jpg format OR email the files in a small size to There will be a 15 day grace period for all payments not received by December 15th. The late fee after December 15th is $20 (total $75), due by December 30th, 2011. If we do not receive payment for renewal you will be automatically deleted from the website. Therefore if payment is received after 12/30/2011 you will be considered new talent on the website. To reactivate your status the fee will be $85.00 with a renewal due every January.

If you are NOT on the website and would like to be added:

Send an updated resume with a CD of your jpg headshots to J Pervis Talent Agency along with your initial set-up fee of $85.00. Note: There will be an annual renewal fee due each January. Allow approximately 30 days for headshots and resumes to be uploaded on the website. The website contains a brief history of the agency, a press and photo section, and most importantly, photos of our talent pool. We market directly to producers, advertising agencies, and photographers. To view the website, go to

Please be sure your casting sites are active and up-to-date so that you get the best representation possible.

1. You can do the FREE version. Once your page is set up please send us the link. To find the link go to “My Tools”, then “Custom Link”. This site is used so that we are always sending updated headshots and resumes when submitting on our breakdown services.
2. To register go to Use agency code GA-245. This site costs $29.95 for 12 MONTHS. Fees are paid directly to 800casting. This is how the majority of our castings are cast.
3. This is a casting service that Tyler Perry Studios requires for all castings. Once you sign up please will LINK to J Pervis Talent.
4. Agency Code is 76c72bb (then click CHECK CODE), proceed through set up from there. Trouble shooting:

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