Nov 8, 2011

Series Audition

Below are details on an audition for a new series. If you fit the roles please email the casting director, Megan directly. When you submit make sure you put that J Pervis Talent Agency is your agent so you take preference.

CONTACT: KADE Production
Megan Fleming, Casting Director


KADE Productions in conjunction with VENUES Network will be holding an open
casting call for the new series “Out Life” Season 1. The casting call will be held at 711 C
Trabert Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30318 on Saturday, November 19th, 2011 from 9am-4pm.
Roles to be cast include select main cast and supporting roles throughout the season. A
character breakdown is enclosed. Actors are required to bring two headshots/resumes to
the audition and must contact for an audition slot.

“Out Life” Season 1 stars new comers Cayce Guest and Jason Mac; and featuring
RuPaul’s drag race star Stacy Layne Matthews. “Out Life “is produced and directed by
Amber L. Devos, Executive Producer for KADE Productions.

Sides available upon request; inquiries can be made to

Main Lin Kim (20-29 ASIAN FEMALE)- Korean nail tech with a big bitchy personality

Nate McCutcheon (24-32 AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE) – Jay's gay ex boyfriend,
masculine UPS delivery driver.

Jessica (25-35 WHITE FEMALE) – lesbian, tattoo artist, drugs addict, Sarah’s love

Roy (25-35 WHITE MALE) - Mai Lin's love interest, plumber, charming southern

William (25-30 WHITE MALE) – Closeted Groom of Claire, Shawn’s companion

Miss Debbie (30-40 AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE)– New salon owner, a stickler
for rules

Claire (25-30 WHITE FEMALE)- Bridezilla, engaged to William, Shawn’s regular client

Rayshawn (25-30 AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE)- Homophobic thug type, Nate’s co-

LaQuan (25-30 AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE) - Nate's new friend, best friend to

Greg Wright (50-65 WHITE MALE)- Jay's homophobic father, dying of cancer does not
know his son is gay

Bertha Westbrooke (45- 55 AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE)- Shawn's very Baptist
mother who doesn't condone the gay lifestyle.

Suzanne Thomas (38-48 WHITE FEMALE)- Eric's young mother, had Eric at age 16,
history of abusive relationships

Mayte Ramiez (6-10 HISPANIC FEMALE)- Lydia's 8 yr old daughter

Son Chi Kim (35-50 ASIAN WOMAN)- Mai Lin’s mother, patriotic & concerned with
Korean Culture.

George Samuelson (50-60 WHITE MALE)- Becca's rich country club father.

Angie Samuelson (35-50 WHITE FEMALE) - Becca's young stepford step-mother.


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