May 18, 2011


See below note- for more information email Peachtree Prompters Direct!

Hello Agents!,
First I would like to thank you for supporting TAG and providing such a great lineup of teleprompter talent for Atlantas market!
We are now up to 70 TAG Actors and today another high profile industrial company called me about TAG Actors!
Way to go!! Representing TAG Actors and encouraging your Actors to enhance their skills will increase our client pool and add Atlanta to the NY/LA maps. ;-)
We are sending out notice of Teleprompter Training Courses that are being offered exclusively via Peachtree Prompters.
The Peachtree prompters Studios attachment is an overall listing of all the summer courses.
Attached you will see: kids/teen ongoing teleprompter training and camps (watch out for the Game Show Camp the last week of July to be viewed by Producers, Directors and The Cartoon Network)
We also have Level One, Beginning and ongoing, Hosting for advanced Actors
"Teleprompter Talk" especially for News Anchors or radio personalities who want to soften into industrials and commericals or any Actor who wants to tone down or rid their market dialogue.
spanish teleprompting courses are coming in August and private lessons every Wednesday.
Please pass this along to the talent you would like the most to take advantage of these courses. These courses are all
taught by Level Three TAG Actors or Atlanta Directors with  the goal of increasing the Atlanta Actors teleprompting skills.
If you have had Actors who "almost" but did not qualify for TAG membership, you may want to encourage them to enhance their skills.

For all of your Actors, please direct them to:
Thank You!!
Lauri Plesco Ross


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