Sep 8, 2010

Workshop Opportunity!

J.D. Lewis Workshop in Atlanta

Don’t miss this opportunity to work on your craft with a top

J.D. Lewis has worked with actors who have been either nominated or won Academy Awards,
Emmy Awards, SAG Awards, Golden Globes and Tony Awards.

This upcoming workshop will include instruction in on-camera commercials auditions, as well as cold
reading for film and television. In addition, Mr. Lewis will discuss the business of acting, with
information on targeting casting directors, creating projects and networking.

The Actor’s Lab was established in 1990 by actor / director, J.D. Lewis. His studio is one of the most
well respected and recognized names in Hollywood. The Actor’s Lab also boasts an internationally
award winning theater company. In 2008, The Actor’s Lab also opened a studio in Charlotte, North

What industry professionals have to say about J.D. Lewis:

“He is the guru of acting coaches in Hollywood. Studying with J.D. Lewis, you’ll be most
certainly on the road to success.”
- David Kirkpatrick
Former President of Paramount Pictures

“If you have the chance to study with J.D. Lewis, it will change the course of you career.”
- Gary Dontzig
Executive Producer of “Suddenly Susan” and “Murphy Brown”

“If you are lucky enough to get into this class, your have a real shot at learning the craft from a
-Tom Hahn


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