Sep 23, 2010

Weekend Workshop

Director Joins Producer for Weekend Workshop!
Saturday, October 2nd & Sunday, October 3rd
Ages 10-adult

Atlanta Director Byron Erwin will join forces with Producer Jeremiah Bennett to conduct the Weekend with TV/Film Producer workshop.
This is an amazing opportunity for Atlanta actors who want to increase their networking opportunities by working with this fabulous duo for the weekend!
Erwin and Bennett, who are currently in the process of casting the feature film Tiger Lilly, which starts shooting in mid October, will bring real hands on experience to students in this class.
The Producer/Director Combo will put the students through the paces of making a short film or scene. Students will get to shoot the footage throughout the weekend and receive the unedited footage at the end of the weekend.

"The fact that students get to spend a whole weekend working with an actual movie producer and movie director is invaluable," says Actor's Scene Owner Nicolle Campbell.
"These are people who make a movie a year plus other projects. They will get to see the student's talent and develop a relationship with them. This is how the successful actors make opportunities for themselves. If the producer/director likes the student from the workshop, who do you think they will think of when they are casting their next project?"
Campbell also adds, "To top it off, students get to see how the mind of a director and producer works which could help them on future auditions."
The workshop will cover:
Acting on Camera
How to make the camera your best friend
Things that will make you look great to the director
Professional Auditions: Everything you need to know to get the part
Best way to send headshots/resumes
Audition techniques that will help you get noticed by the director
Script writing basics: How to take an idea and turn into script
During the workshop, students will be divided into groups of 3-4 and work on their own story, storyboard, shot list and will direct and film other's shorts while starring in their own. If screen writing is not your talent/interest, no worries, we will provide the scenes for you to work on during the workshop!
Students will receive unedited footage at the end of the weekend so they can create actor's reel or edit into their own short film.

It's a great way to get exposure and develop a relationship with an actual director, while gaining filming experience and learning more about acting on-camera and film-making.

This is a one weekend event, so don't miss this opportunity!!
Student Pricing: Non-Student Pricing:
$150 $175

BIO: Jeremiah Bennett is an award winning Movie/Television Producer with over twenty movie, television and commercial credits.
In 2006, Jeremiah founded Stacking Stones Films which has created movies (including Forgotten, 31 Pieces, and Grandfather for a Night) and marketing
content that have screened in theatres, at film festivals and across the web.
Jeremiah produced the short film Muted for the 2009 Atlanta 48Hour Film Festival where it won two judges awards and the grand audience choice award. Most recently, Jeremiah was associate producer on the television pilot "48 Hour Film Showdown" which aired nationally on HalogenTV.
He serves as producer and founder for Theos Logos Productions producing feature films, television and web shows. Currently, he is producing Tiger Lily the Movie, a drama being shot in Atlanta this October.

Byron Conrad Erwin - Director
Began his film career as a teenager, writing and shooting films in super-eight millimeter and had completed his first feature-length production while studying film in Virginia. During film school he worked as a negative cutter for National Geographic Television, National Geographic Specials, ABC/KANE Productions, Discovery Channel and many independent and feature filmmakers. Byron had written and directed many short films, and one feature before becoming the senior director at a television commercial production facility.
He is most proud of his animated short film "In those Days..." which took seven years to produce since every frame was hand drawn with no computer assistance. Bryon also is an accomplished musician and artist, and scores most of his projects.
Now, Byron is best known for directing the award-winning feature film "Lynch Mob", starring Tony Darrow (of HBO’s Sopranos) and Dolan Wilson (of Walk The Line), which was released in theatres across the country.


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