Apr 26, 2010

Michael Cole's- On-Going Classes

By popular demand, Michael has finally agreed to begin his own ON-GOING ACTING CLASS.

Class size is ONLY 14 students. Michael uses Sanford Meisner’s method of “being in the moment” and
Kinesiology into a highly successful unique and personal approach to auditioning and acting. This
intimate class is an aggressive session for the working actor that enhances your craft with strong
affected personal choices through focused preparation and gives you tried and true techniques
for any role and every audition be it one line or pages of dialogue.
No showcases, no prepared scenes, no irrelevant games, no time wasting busy work. Just a lot of hard
work and study with focused personal attention and passion.
You will be .... put on camera regularly, use sides of all lengths from film & TV to commercial & in-
dustrial, create & shoot 1 minute actor’s slates for upload to your web profiles (ie. 800casting), be
immersed in the Meisner Method, weekly hone your knowledge of the local and national status of
the industry, become familiar with what to expect once you book the gig, develop techniques to
respond instantly to redirects both in an audition and on a set, and much much more.

On-Going Film Acting Class particulars;
* Cost; $95 a month.

* Class size; only 14 spots!

* Location; The Renaissance Project at
4650 Shoals Parkway, Decatur Ga. 30034

* Secure your spot; by emailing the instructor at mike.cole@mycathedral.org. If a spot is
available, you will be given info to mail in a deposit of $50. Once this is received your spot is locked in.
(Space is extremely imited! There will be a waiting list.)

* Dates & Times; Sundays from 3-6pm.

* Length of class; 3-4 hours

*A DROP IN OPTION! If a space is open due to an on-going student’s absence, pay only $35 to take their spot for that Sunday for a workout. Contact me, even on Saturday night to check if a space is available.

Michael has over 30 yrs. of experience in the industry. In 2002 edition of Who’s Who of American Teachers, he was honored
for his work as a teacher. His film credits include Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns with Angella Bassett, Lynch Mob with Tony Darrow of the Soprano’s, Fate with Lee Majors, The Crazies & TV in MTV’s new pilot Teen Wolf, PastLife, Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives, One Tree Hill and Hall Mark Hall of Fame’s Front of the Class. He is the Artistic Dir. of a local theatre co. & teaches at The Professional Actors Studio. Michael’s aggressive teaching style is driven by his pas-
sionate belief that every actor deserves a chance.


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