Jun 5, 2012

48 hour Film Festival

The Atlanta 48 hour film project takes place from the 15th to the 17th of June and we're planning on filming a night shoot the evening of the 15th / morning of the 16th. The concept for the film will be a summer camp adventure / 80's kid's movie homage ala Goonies, E.T., Monster Squad, etc. At this point it looks like we'll be filming about 40 mins. north of town, we'll know for sure in two days.

The way the project works is: Our production team arrives for the kick-off event on the 15th and we are assigned a genre, prop, character and line of dialogue. After that we'll spend the afternoon writing the screenplay and assembling the items we need. We'll film that evening then edit the film the next day and turn it in that night. The films will then be screened at the Plaza theater in Midtown on Sunday and the awards ceremony will take place that evening. The rules of the competition state that none of our cast or crew may be financially compensated for their participation, so everyone is volunteering for the film and equally invested in winning the competition.

The winner will go on to compete in the 2012 48 hour project with films from 96 cities around the world and the top ten films selected this year will be screened at The Cannes International Film Festival: Short Film Corner in 2013. We will also be free to enter our film into festival competitions following the Atlanta 48 hour project awards ceremony and each of the children and their parents will receive a copy of the final film.

If anyone has any further questions, they can feel free to email anytime. Thanks again!


Brandon Osterman


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