Apr 3, 2012

Submission Opportunity for Independent Film

ATLANTA TALENT: Please email your headshot and resume along with a reel if you have one to DazzalMiEnt@gmail.com. Please include Dark Child and the name of the character you are reading for in the subject line. If you are selected to audition we will email you the date and location. SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECIEVED NO LATER THAN WED April 4th AT 5:00 pm

Urban Brown: Caucasian Male mid 3...0’s, upper middle to upper class. Handsome, athletic, smart, with a dark past. He grew up in black neighborhoods, raised by foster mother after his mother and step father were killed by a racist cop. He’s straight lace with an edge. He is engaged to a black woman. His mother married a black man after his father disappeared. Loves his sister, Jamillah but has to let her go do to her addiction to drugs. Once killed a man for molesting his sister when they were kids.

Jamillah: Late 20’s early 30’s, biracial, drug addict. Smart but weak minded. Got addicted to drugs in college at Howard University, moved back to Atlanta to get back on her feet yet found herself back on the street and on drugs. She has a good heart but has learned that she has to be hard on the streets. Loves the ground her brother, Urban walks on but knows he’s disappointed in her so she stays away. She really wants to get clean but can’t get over the hump to fight her addiction.

Allen: Late 20’s to Late 40’s. African American male. Drug addict; dirty but loveable. He’s comic relief.

Sierra: Late 20’s, early 30’s. Tall, model type. Beautiful woman loves Urban but doesn’t fully understand him. He won’t let her into his world but she’s determined to get there. She travels a lot for business and has no problem standing up to Urban when it comes to his disownment of his sister, Jamillah.

Kecia: African American Teen: Teen mom, who has a ghetto edge from growing up in the hood. She loves her child and establishes a neighborhood search party when the child comes up missing.

Bad guy 1: Any race, preferably foreign.
Bad guy 1: Any Race, preferably foreign

Cop One: any race
Cop Two: any race


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