Jan 19, 2012

LA Workshop hosted by Cast in Atlanta

LA Casting Director Workshops on January 25th
 "Pilot Season Acting Intensive- Nail Your Audition & Get Callbacks"
Pilot season 2012 is here!  This hopefully means lots of auditions will be heading your way soon.    This is the time every actor needs to be ready regardless of whether in Atlanta taping audition or in Los Angeles or New York. 
LA Casting Director, Erica Goings, is holding TWO WORKSHOPS NEXT WEDNESDAY, January 25th.  Erica is returning the following day to LA for pilot season.  She spent last summer in Atlanta casting the feature film “PaPa” and is once again in Atlanta finishing up the casting for another show shooting in Atlanta.
Erica has EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE CASTING PILOTS IN LA and wants to share her knowledge with the Atlanta talent pool she has become so fond of during 2011.   
Announcing Workshop You Don’t Want to Miss!
“Pilot Season Acting Intensive- Nail Your Audition & Get Callbacks”
with LA Casting Director, Erica Goings
WEDNESDAY, January 25th
1-4 pm OR 5-8 pm
WHERE:  Atlanta (of course!)
AGE:  Mixed Ages (12 +)-
Please note with agent referral and approval by Erica kids 9+ can attend.
Erica is SUPER busy and the only day to squeeze this in her busy schedule is next Wednesday, January 25th.    So, if you’re interested in getting callbacks and booking during the 2012 pilot season hurry and register for her workshop today.    I know, Wednesday is not a normal day for workshops but this is an extraordinary opportunity!  Don’t miss out!
Erica entered the world of casting in 2003.  Until recently, she was previously with London/Stroud Casting before striking out on her own to form Erica Goings Casting.  
How to Register?  Email CastinginAtlanta@gmail.com .  Please give your name and time preferred.
Please note, registration fee for the workshop is non-refundable.


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