Oct 17, 2011

Short Film Casting

I am in need of a slew of actors for my next production which is set to start shooting November 14th, a short film that will be in a small festival circuit come Spring. If you could send this out to the troops and help me out you would save my life!

Characters I'm looking for to audition are:

Diana - (must learn "All I Need" by Radiohead for audition)
Ear Doctor
Young Jack

Characters I'm looking to cast from headshots are:

Child on the Couch
Elliot's Girl
Elliot's Girl's Friend

I also need a good bit of extras, is there somewhere I should go elsewhere for that or do you offer extra roles to your clients? If you do offer extra roles, I am adding the full character breakdown below anyways.

Attached will be the sides for the character's I need to audition.


Information about the film:

COCHLEAR (Working Title)
Written By: Andrew Ruse
Directed By: Andrew Ruse
Director of Photography: Noah Orisich
(12-15 min. short)
Location: Atlanta

[JACK] - (18 - 23 y.o., caucasian, slender, dark hair, stoic face) Having lost his hearing at age 5 due to fever, Jack is a boy who hasn't been able to experience life the way he wishes he could. After a successful cochlear implant that cures Jack's impairment, Jack is entering a world full of sound and beauty he is unfamiliar with. He is quiet, humble, and brave. He has a lot to say, but keeps his emotions to himself as best as he can, even around his few friends. A hopeless romantic who has never found love, a trait he attributes to his hearing impairment, Jack is searching for an answer to his dilemma now that he has re-gained his ability to hear. MAJOR ROLE

[ELLIOT] - (18 - 23 y.o., caucasian, slender, dark hair, goofy) Jack's best friend, Elliot is a realist. He doesn't believe in the supernatural and is enthusiastic when he speaks. After being convinced to go see a psychic and having success, Elliot is shaken. He has always wanted to find love, and feels for the first time like the forces of the world have shown him good graces. He wishes to pass this on to Jack in light of Jack's new found happiness. MAJOR ROLE

[PSYCHIC] - (40 - 60 y.o., male, caucasian, built, full head of dark brown hair, possibly with gray throughout as well, business-like (think Harvey Keitel in Reservoir Dogs)) The Psychic is a confident older man in a suit and tie. He is jovial and energetic, all the while keeping a cool and collected composure. He is mysterious and gives no background to his methods or upbringing. He is the man with all the answers, and he knows it. He anxious to lend his services to those he likes. There is something malicious about him that you can't put your finger on. MAJOR ROLE

[DIANA] - (18 - 23 y.o., caucasian, slender, exquisitely clean and beautiful face, voice of an angel) The answer to Jack's prayers, Diana is a siren that draws him to her with her beautiful singing voice. Diana is sweet, soft, sincere. She has been singing at the same nightclub for months and months and no one has ever realized her beauty the way Jack has. Diana is a hopeless romantic, and her dream seems to have been actualized in the form of Jack on this particular night. MAJOR ROLE

[EVELYN] - (45 - 55 y.o., caucasian, motherly-figure, emotion-evoking eyes) Evelyn loves her son, Jack, more than anything in the world. She was devastated when he lost his hearing as a boy, and seeing him gain his hearing back again is the greatest thing to happen to her in 15 years. She a genuine and loving individual and it shows through her eyes. (3 lines, 2 scenes)

[MARY] - (40 - 55 y.o., hispanic, brown eyes, brown hair, glasses) A lady with a calm nature about her, Mary is a woman who naturally exudes wiseness and experience. You wouldn't be surprised if she told you she was clairvoyant. (2 lines, 1 scene)

[EAR DOCTOR] - (30 - 50 y.o., female, any ethnicity, average height & build) (2 lines, 1 scene)

[WAITRESS] - (30 - 40 y.o., female, caucasian, red or brown hair, average height & build) Your average restaurant employee. Disinterested, impatient, ready to go home. (1 line, 1 scene)

[BAND MEMBERS] - (18 - 22 y.o., any ethnicity, grungy nightclub-type, unkempt) (1 line, 1 scene)

[GRANDMOTHER] - (65 - any y.o., caucasian, "sweet-old-lady'' type) A loving and affectionate grandmother of Jack with a big, genuine smile. (1 line, 1 scene)

[YOUNG JACK] - (10-12 years old y.o., caucasian, slender, dark hair) Sickly and confused, Young Jack has lost his hearing due to a very high fever. (1 scene)

[ELLIOT'S GIRL] - (18 - 21 y.o., Asian, short, cute face) Quiet and lovable, the girl of Elliot's dreams laughs and loves with no question once she meets him. (1 scene)

[UNCLE] - (40 - 55 y.o., caucasian, cheerful, slightly overweight) (1 scene)

[ELLIOT'S GIRL'S FRIEND] - (18 - 21 y.o., Asian, short, cute face) (1 scene)

[CHILD ON THE COUCH] - (7 - 10 y.o., male, any ethnicity, fierce looking) A mysterious boy who sits on the couch in the psychic's home watching television. (1 scene)

[RELATIVES (7 EXTRAS)] - (30 - any y.o., male and female, caucasian) (1 scene)

[PATRONS OF RESTAURANT (3 EXTRAS)] - (35 - 55 y.o., any ethnicity, males and female) (1 scene)

[PATRONS OF NIGHTCLUB (3 EXTRAS)] - (35 - 55 y.o., any ethnicity, males only) (1 scene)

[LOVERS ON SIDEWALK (2 EXTRAS)] - (18 - 23 y.o., any ethnicity, 1 male, 1 female) - Lovers sharing a make-out session on the side of a street. (1 scene)

STORY LINE: Jack, a boy who lost his hearing at age 11, is finally able to hear again thanks to cochlear implant ten years later. While re-discovering the world of sound, Jack finds himself caught up in a chain of events spawning from a recommendation from his closest friend to see a psychic who has proven abilities to connect lovers.


I am shooting from November 14th - December 1st around everyone's schedule.

Auditions will be held next Tuesday, October 18th from 10am-6pm (break from 12-1 for lunch) at:
Encyclomedia Soundstage
1526 Dekalb Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307

THERE IS NO PAY. Meals will be provided every day. If lack of transportation is an issue, we will discuss paying for transportation.
We will be shooting on the Sony NEX FS100 with Zeiss Prime Lenses.

Thank you!

Andrew Ruse
EMAIL ANDREW FOR SIDES: andrewruse@gmail.com


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