Mar 22, 2011


Immediate Action Requested

We urge all the members of the Georgia entertainment production community to contact their local elected State Representatives and Senators immediately by phone and urge their support for continuation of the Production Tax Credit program at its current level. It would be helpful if you call and relay your personal stories and impact of the entertainment industry on your particular business. It is particularly important for constituents of Majority Leader Larry O'Neal to contact him (district 146, Warner Robins area) and Representative Robert Channell, Joint Committee Chairman ( from district 116 , the Greensboro area). Please share this email with your local entertainment stakeholders and urge their participation.

Please also note the Governor's discussion in the news about this program in the link below.

Legislator’s phone numbers are available on the state’s website, to assist you in contacting your legislator

The calls should include but are not limited to the following points:

On behalf of ________ I urge your opposition to any legislation, which would sunset or reduce the state’s vibrant production tax credit program.

(Include personal stories here) My business____was created in ___ and expanded___ over the past ____. We have hired_____and expect to ___ If the production tax credit program continues. If the program is eliminated or reduced, the competition productions companies are cost minded and they will be forced to locate elsewhere and we will have to reconsider whether we will be able to make additional investment and job expansion in the state….))))

The film and television industry provides a critical stimulus for the Georgia economy. Tax Credits are an essential component to attract production jobs and permanent infrastructure.

ilm and television production locating to the state because of the film tax credit has added over $800M annually to the State Gross Product. It supports more than 11,000 full-time equivalent jobs. This number has increased five-fold since 2005.

In FY10, economic impact in Georgia from these productions conservatively amounted to more than $1.4 billion. In FY07, economic impact amounted to just over $240 million.

The Production tax credit program creates both production and non-production related jobs including marketing, construction, hotels and tourism.

A recent Georgia economic impact report* illustrated this industry’s significant contribution to the Georgia economy and the production tax credit program more than pays for itself. The report does not even quantify the additional benefits to the state in terms of tourism generated. Additionally, the promotional value of the Georgia logo in each Georgia production was never quantified in the study but this added value to the state would significantly increase any quantified return to the state. Since 2005 the film induced tourism spending has been conservatively estimated in excess of $400 million.

*Meyers Norris Penny Report for the MPAA February, 2011 “Economic Contributions of the Georgia Film and Television Industry”


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