Oct 15, 2010


Crystal Carson - Los Angeles acting coach - www.crystalcarson.com
Thursday, November 18, 2010 / 5pm-8pm
"How do I book the roles that keep going to the Los Angeles actors?!"

Ever said, "I am just as good as the LA talent that is coming here and booking the local roles!"? The truth is, if you want to compete with Hollywood, you've got to know their rules. The way you prepare for, and then "perform" your auditions, may actually be causing you to look "green" in the eyes of the LA directors/producers who view your tapes....even if your agent or acting teacher has been giving you high marks and praise! Crystal will discuss thoroughly the proper way to break down a script and approach an audition, the truth about memorizing lines/holding the script, when/how to use props or pantomime, where to look for your eye-line, how to find your character's objective, etc. And all based on what is currently the trend in Hollywood.

This course is for every actor who is pursuing Film/TV work. Actors who are just starting and actors who book Film/TV on a regular basis will improve their booking rates. In LA, Crystal teaches actors weekly who are booking lead and supporting roles and has her finger on the pulse of what producers/casting directors want to see, how they perceive "local" talent when they shoot in our state, what is now perceived as "good" acting given the prevalence of reality shows, etc. Even local Atlanta acting teachers will find lots of new, helpful information by sitting in on this workshop. Agents and casting directors are very much welcomed, too!

This short class will help all actors come across as professionally as the LA actors with whom they are being compared. So many projects are coming to Georgia...it's time we all bring our A-GAME to the audition room!

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