Jul 22, 2010

Independent Film Opportunity

I am working toward a BFA in Technical Theatre with my primary focus being in sound, video, and technical direction. This summer, I am shooting a short film entitled, "The Announcement" as an Advanced Production Project with the Gainesville Theatre Alliance. GTA is a collaborative alliance between Gainesville State College, Brenau University, community members, and theatrical professionals. "The Announcement" is a an original, comedic, character-driven screenplay that was written as part of a different class.

Virgil, a widower in his 50s, calls his family to a mysterious family meeting. Through a series of events, his youngest son Vic concludes that his father is dying and his middle child Vince decides that their father is going to announce that he is gay. Virgil's oldest child Veronica, who was adopted, helped raise her brothers after their mother died giving birth to Vic. Veronica has her own thoughts on what the announcement will be and has fun feeding her brothers' suspicions. Christine, Veronica's best friend from college, is secretly engaged to Virgil.

The dates for the production are as follows:

Auditions will be held on the evening of Tuesday, July 27th in the Banks Recital Hall at Brenau University. You will need to prepare a one minute, contemporary, preferably comedic monologue. Auditions will be scheduled every five minutes from 4:00PM until 6:30PM. Please contact me via e-mail with your top three audition times to schedule an appointment. goldenspurfilms@gmail.com
Callbacks will follow the same evening (Tuesday, July 27th) from 7PM to 10PM, still at Banks, and will consist of cold readings from the script.

There will be a full cast rehearsal on Wednesday, July 28th from 6PM until 10PM. This will also be at the Banks Recital Hall at Brenau.

The video will be shot on location in Greensboro, Georgia on Sunday, August 1st (10AM to 10PM), Monday, August 2nd (9AM to 9PM) and Tuesday, August 3rd (9AM to 9PM). Twelve hour calls are typical in the film and video world.

We need the following characters:
Vince - 22 year old, straight, white, male. Vic and Veronica's brother. A witty, cerebral, recent college graduate. Type B personality with expensive taste.

Vic - 19 year old, gay, white, male. Vince and Veronica's brother. A very social, happy, fit, sensitive, type A personality. Vic is comfortable with and sure of himself.

Veronica - 26 year old female - Any ethnicity - Vince and Vic's older (adopted) sister. Intelligent, caring, established, modern woman. Helped raise her younger brothers.

Christine - 26 year old female - Any ethnicity - Affectionate, attractive, likable, mature, down to earth, girl next door-type. Sometimes speaks before thinking. Veronica's best friend. Secretly in a relationship with Veronica's father. There will be no nudity, but adult situations will be inferred.
The part of Virgil is already cast.

All characters should speak with a neutral, American dialect.

I can offer each actor $50/day to help defray transportation costs. Meals will be provided during the shoot. A copy of the finished product and screen credit will also be given. Anyone interested should contact me at GoldenSpurFilms@gmail.com to schedule an audition. Please have them bring two copies of their headshot/resume.

Please let me know if there is any other information you need. Thank you again.


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