May 28, 2010


CSA welcomes Joey Paul Jensen to the studio for four outstanding workshops to help local actors make the most of their acting opportunities.

Workshop 1 - "Bullet Proofing Your Audition"

Learn how to make your audition Exceptional with award-winning Hollywood casting director, producer and acting coach.

Choose one of three half-day workshops:

Sunday June 13th 9:30am - 1:30pm
Monday June 14th 9:00am - :00pm
Seminar approved for actors 10+ and adults. Kids age 7-9 allowed with agent referral.

"There are a lot of good above-average talented actors. The ones who book are the exceptional actors". This workshop points out all the little mistakes actors make in auditions that take them out of the running for roles while presenting ways to interact and perform for casting directors that will make your audition stand out.

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