Jan 4, 2010

Open Call TODAY

BELOW is a casting call for TODAY. Please attend if you fit the breakdown

We have an audition today for ou next stage play written by Brandin at World Changers...."I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through". We really would like to cast all ethnicities. The first show is March 24th and that one is no pay, but after that we are looking on taking it on the road and there will be pay for actors. Its great for the resume and you get a copy of the DVD for your reel. Can you please send this out to your clients? The audition is today at 6pm.

Thanks for your interest in "I Don't look like what I've been through"

Please come out to the open Audition on today @ 6pm. 2495 Burdett Road, College Park, GA. Please be prepared with a monologue and a song if you sing.
Please bring your headshot and resume to the audition. Our 1st show will be March 24, 2010.

Character Breakdowns For “I don’t look like what I’ve Been Through”

Mr. Ed/Eddie/Edward/Edison/Edwin (Various ages)
He is the comedian of the whole show. With five different personality’s, this character balances the drama and the comedy through out the show. Taking on the characteristics of Mr. Ed (The Jamaican Landlord), Eddie (The English Waiter), Edward (The Country Maintenance man), Edison (The French Yoga instructor) And Edwin (The White/Black man from the census bureau).

Tameka Red (27 years old) Singing role
She is having an affair with a married man (Tyler Brown) and has convinced herself that it’s ok. Tameka tells everyone she doesn’t mind sharing him because she’d rather have a piece of man then no man at all. She has also convinced herself that he truly loves her but she see’s his true feelings after he finds out she’s pregnant. She’s faced with making the decision of keeping the baby or getting rid of it after her shared married man tells her he’ll leave her if she doesn’t get rid of the baby.

Christina Young (28 years old) Singing role
She is a single mother who doesn’t know how to raise her child (Denise Young). She is too busy spending her nights at the club or with some random man because she wants to stay young and vivacious. Even though she is 28 years old she still has a lot of growing up to do. Her daughter runs away from home and during this time she starts to understand what it means to be a parent and how important her daughter is too her. In this time she does meet the right man for her (Randle Peterson) who is going to treat her right and help her raise her daughter.

Tiffany Patterson (25 years old)
She has gone through a lot in her life but she always try’s to keep a smile on her face. She is the funny one of the group and keeps the comedy going. She does hair out of her apartment for money. Tiffany always looks different or wears a different wig every day and changes up her style because deep down inside she is insecure about her looks and that’s why she makes fun of Patricia. She is married but her husband is in jail for something her did not do. Sometimes she makes wrong choices with the things she says and does, but overall she’s a good person.

Eva Henderson (27 years old)
She is the most put together of her friends, she has a great job, a nice house, and an expensive car. She says that her job keeps her so busy that she doesn’t have time for a relationship but the truth Is she doesn’t want to be hurt by another man and would rather be with a woman who shares the same opinion. She is struggling to find herself and find real love. At the end (Garren Jones) takes her heart.

Patricia Brown (30 years old) Singing role
She is has just started a new job and works with (Eva Henderson). She has a six-year-old son and she’s married to (Tyler Brown). She doesn’t know her husband is cheating on her, but she finds out in the climax of the show. She is a Christian and very good person at heart. In the past she battled with cancer and overcame it and since then she has lived only for God. In the end she is the glue that helps all of the girls and there issues being a blessing in disguise.

Garren Jones (31 years old) Singing role
He owns the Halo lounge but he only tells people he just works there. He is a very good guy who has a big crush on Eva Henderson but she wont give him the time of day. He does everything he can to get her but she pushes him off. In the end he wins Eva and they have a happy life together.

Randle Peterson (35 years old)
He is a social worker for Bricktown High School where (Denise Young) goes. He comes to talk with (Christina Young) about her daughter and ends up falling for her. He is a good man and wants the best for Christina and her daughter.

Tyler Brown (32 years old)
He owns his own construction company. He is married to (Patricia Brown) but He has gotten caught up in an affair with (Tameka Red). He used to be a good guy but now he’s become an angry, mean, and bitter man. He has the world but he has lost sight of all of the blessings he has.

Denise Young (16 years old) Singing Role
Is confused and is basically raising herself because her mother (Christina Young) is not a good parent. She just wants to be loved and wants to have her mother in her life. She runs away to get her mothers attention. She feels like she’s supposed to be the child and her mother is supposed to be a responsible adult but she isn’t.


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