Oct 9, 2009

Actor's Slate

Many talent have asked about the "Actor Slate" Below is information on how to get one. This is a great tool for all ages to use so that clients can get a feel for you as a person prior to bringing you in for an audition. This is especially beneficial for the kids & teens that don't yet have reels. I highly recommend looking into this service.

Have a great weekend everyone!
I know many of you talent have a profile on Actor's Access, which is a service of Breakdown Services. I've been asked to help get the word out to produce a "general interview" of you on Actor Slate. This is the first look casting directors often have of you.

Actor Slate is coming to Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta and Nashville to shoot in October. Here are the dates:

Raleigh - October 14 & 15.
Charlotte - October 16 & 17.
Atlanta - October 19 & 20
Nashville - October 21 & 22

Pretty much everything you need to know about Actor Slate is on the website, where you can also schedule and book an Actor Slate shoot session.

Web Address: http://actorslate.chelseastudios.com

Some important things to know.

- The cost is $175.00. To shoot, edit and host on the Breakdown Services and Actors Access networks. Personal copies of both the 60 second Actor Slate that appears on Breakdown Services and Actors Access, and the Actor Slate Deluxe, a longer version of between 2 - 4 minutes are available for additional cost. Most actors are purchasing one or both of these for use on their own websites, for direct submission purposes and for uploading to popular video sites like Youtube and Facebook and lots of others.

- Chelsea Studios, is the exclusive producers of Actor Slate for Breakdown Services. There may be other people around offering to shoot an "Actor Slate" (they happen to own the trademark to the name) or some similarly named product. But only those produced by them will appear on the Breakdown Services and Actors Access networks. So they are the real deal, shooting the genuine Actor Slate.

- The professional talent business, that is the day to day commerce of casting actors for movies, TV, commercials, music videos, etc., use Breakdown Services nearly exclusively around the world to do their work. They have over 90% of this business. So while there are lots of good sites for actors to join to help you with your career and to help look for acting work, the truth is relatively very few people involved in the day to day work of hiring and paying actors are looking at those sites. On Breakdown Services, your Actor Slate is available 24/7/365 at the click of a link to the talent industry when they really need to see it, as they are doing the real work of casting professional actors for professional work.


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